Guangxi Normal University News and Events

GXNU Foreign Students and Foreign Teachers together ushering in the Chinese New Year


On the evening of February 13 when the Spring Festival of 2015 was drawing near, the GXNU Office of International Exchanges set a special feast at Xiyuan Restaurant to entertain the foreign students and foreign teachers who stayed at the university during the winter vacation. Around 100 foreign students and foreign teachers were present to enjoy the hot-pot feast, each to receive a Wang-Wang gift wrapped in red, and to experience the atmosphere of Chinese New Year together. 

 On behalf of the university, Vice-President Cai Changzhuo extended his festive greetings to the foreign teachers and foreign students present, wishing them good health, good luck, and great fun in the coming year of the Sheep. He also reminded them that they take good care of themselves, be aware of their personal safety and of their belongings. 

 It is said that, every year when the Chinese New Year was approaching the Office of International Exchanges would organize the international students and foreign teachers to get together for a dinner and performance. The Office would take into account of their different cultural backgrounds, and prepare varieties of food such as Muslim meal, vegetarian meal, etc. to accommodate their differences in culture and customs. So the foreign students and foreign teachers would feel at homer in China, and together with their Chinese friends celebrate the Chinese New Year. In addition, the staff of the Office would also introduce to them at the dinner tables some Chinese customs and habits so as to help them understand more about the Spring Festival and the Chinese culture as a whole.                

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of China, Raised the Rank of GXNU Alumnus Li Zuocheng to Eneral


China’s Central Military Commission ceremoniously held the rite for raising officers to the rank of general in the August 1st Building in Beijing on the 31st of July. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, State President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, promoted GXNU alumnus Li Zuocheng and ten fellow comrades to the rank of general.

Fan Changlong, Vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, read off the order promoting the officers’ ranks to general and police general respectively endorsed by Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, Premier of State Council. The members of the Central Military commission, Wan Quan, Fang Fenghui, Zhang Yang, Zhao Keshi, Zhang Youxia, Wu Shengli, Ma Xiaofu, Wei Feng attended the ceremony. The four headquarters and units stationed in Beijing as well as leaders of the Central Commission General Office also attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Xu Qiliang, who was the Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Li Zuocheng, who graduated from our school, is the commander of the Chengdu Military Region of the People’s Liberation Army. He majored in Marxism ideology and political education with a master’s degree. He attended the self-defensive counter-attack on Vietnam in 1979 in which the members in his company were all awarded a first-class merit and his company was named as a dagger heroic company by the Central Military Commission. He was awarded the title of combat hero. At the beginning of 1995, he was named Top Civil Servant.

Secretary Wang Nan Led a Delegation to Russia and Kyrgyzstan


In order to expand the education exchanges and cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, Wang Nan, Secretary of Guangxi Normal University Party Committee, led a delegation to Russia and Kyrgyzstan from the 19th to the 26th of October, 2015. The delegation received a warm reception from the local universities and signed cooperation framework agreements with three of the universities. 

The delegation visited Smolensk University and Herzen Normal University and held discussions with the education consul of China in St. Petersburg. The delegation visited Bishkek Humanities University and Bishkek Financial and Economic College in Kyrgyzstan. During the visit to Kyrgyzstan, the delegation met the recruitment agents of our school and visited parents whose children are studying at our school.

During the visit, Wang Nan expressed a desire for more student exchanges, teacher communication, academic cooperation, and short-term study abroad programs. After a full discussion and communication, the delegation signed cooperation framework agreements with Smolensk University, Bishkek Humanities University, and Bishkek Financial and Economic College, which marked that a formal education cooperation relationship was established.

On one hand, the visit to the universities in Russia and Kyrgyzstan propagandized and otherwise introduced Guangxi Normal University. On the other hand, it realized the education model and cooperation demanded of Russia and Kyrgyzstan. This not only laid the foundation for expanding the education and culture exchanges between our school and the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, but also provided new ideas and enlightenment for running the international school.

This visit scored fruitful results, which opened new space and new frontiers in education cooperation between our school, Russia, and even Central Asia Countries.

Vice Minister of Education Liu Limin Visted Our University


Recently, the Vice Minister of Education Liu Limin came to our university for a school visit.

Schoolmaster Liang Hong, accompanied by the secretary of the party committee Wang Zhan, as well as vice schoolmasters Zhong Ruitian and Li Chuanqi of Guangxi Normal University, and the vice minister of the Ministry of Education Liu Limin, walked along with the vice director general of the Department of Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education, Ge Zhenjiang, and the vice director general of the Department of Education in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Qin Bing, to pay an academic visit to the Xin Hua Science, Technology and Education Collaborative Innovation Platform(Xin Hua Platform for short), the Exhibition of Educational Achievements, as well as the Vietnam Campus Memorial Hall respectively.

In the Xin Hua Platform, the distinguished state-level teaching professor Luo Xingkai started a profile of the platform by illustrating its idea of education―the “Xin Hua Innovation practice”, by revealing exhibition boards that record all details of their educational achievements. Then in examination evaluation rooms, professor Luo introduced the time-tested, exam appraisal items and demonstrated the recently launched, real-life test paper with “green” approval. Ultimately, in the Inspiration Source R&D Center, researchers successively showed the group a whole bunch of their latest, fruitful efforts, such as: the Water Rocket Real-Time Height Measuring Feedback System, Compound Pendulum Waves, a Bicycle Power Generation Competition, Autoclave-Driven Steam Locomotive, among others. All of the inventions are brainchildren produced in the platform. After the he finished his introduction, Mr. Liu didn’t forget to personally enjoy the fancy, steam locomotive in delight.

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