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Head of Ningbo Exit-Entrance Administration Bureau Paid a Visit to NBUT

Head of Ningbo Exit-Entrance Administration Bureau Paid a Visit to NBUT

On March 17th, Huang Qiwei, the director of Ningbo Exit-Entrance Administration Bureau, along with his delegation, was invited to NBUT to exchange experiences and give instructions on international student affairs.
Wang Jinghua, the Vice President of NBUT, Nie Liya, Dean of Foreign Affairs Office in NBUT, Wei Shufen, Party Secretary of IEC, NBUT, and other foreign affairs staff in NBUT attended the meeting. In the meeting, Ms Wang Jinghua introduced the development of international student programs in NBUT. Also, Mr Nie Liya made a brief presentation on the current scale, makeup, and accommodation of international students. Mr Huang Qiwei commented highly of the work of NBUT in this regard, and he also proposed higher expectations on NBUT in international student management.
Meanwhile, in the lecture hall of the administrative building, Officer Sun Zhiqun lectured on visas and residence permit need-to-know for about 100 international students from all over the university. Hosted by Wang Tuchun, Deputy Dean of Foreign Affairs Office, the lecture increased the awareness of international students to comply with immigration regulations, furthered their understanding on visa application process.

In the future, NBUT will continue to work together with Ningbo Exit-Entrance Administration Bureau to provide better service for international students.

Dream Flies in Zhejiang


A qualification trial for the 9th International Student Chinese Talent Show ‘Dream Flies in Zhejiang’ was conducted by Zhejiang Propaganda Department, Educational Department and the Broadcasting Television Group on October 29th in Shaoxing University. A plenty variety of Chinese-featured performances, such as Chinese traditional dance, music and living theatre were presented by the international students from different countries.

The international students from our school performed a brilliant show named Guo Se Tian Xiang combined with dancing, singing and facing off, which symbolized grand beauty. Good appraisals were given to them from both judges and audience on the spot. Our school will thus play in the finals with University of Nottingham Ningbo as representatives of Ningbo universities on November 27th in Shaoxing. Additionally, ten international students, respectively from Belarus, Zambia, South Korea, Kenya and Indonesia, fully exhibited their high achievement of Chinese language learning. They rehearsed over a month and successfully demonstrated their deep understanding of Zhejiang intangible cultural heritage.

As Nie Liya, Director of Foreign Affairs Division and Dean of IEC, put it, ‘Our school fully supports international students to participate in different types of recreational activities. We also hope that they would achieve better understanding of Chinese culture through these activities. The winning of the current competition is considered as a full affirmation of our international educational work, and it proposes higher requirements for our future work.’


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