Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Fees Structure

Fee Structure(RMB)

(for an academic year)

Tuition Fee

1.Bachelor,s Degree Programs

 Program Delivered in English:20,000

 Program Delivered in Chinese:16,000

2.Master,s Degree Programs

 Program Delivered in English:26,000

 Program Delivered in Chinese:22,000

3.Doctor,s Degree Programs

 Program Delivered in English:32,000

 Program Delivered in Chinese:28,000

4.Non-degree Programs

 Exchange and ISEP students:Tuition Waiver

 Self-funded students for Chinese language


Acccommodation Fee

On Campus Suit Room with single bed:

500/per month/person

On Campus Suit Room with Double beds:

300/per month/person

Other Charges

International students should also pay other fees on their own:

Electricity:0.62/KW 200/month(estimated)

Insurance Premiums:400/half year 800/year


Textbooks:300 for one semester

The TUITION&FEE are subject to change every year.

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