China Universities-University Polytechnic-Dalian Polytechnic University

Founded in 1958, Dalian polytechnic university was one of the four earliest institutes of light industry in China. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, DPU covers an area of 1064 mu, with an built-up area of 480,000. Over the past half century, six major disciplines have been developed in a harmonious way, including engineering which is our key discipline, science, art, literature, management, and economics.  Dalian polytechnic university aims at cultivating professional talents in the various fields of light industry, including textile processing, food science, art etc. The university is authorized to confer bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. Dalian polytechnic university has 47 bachelor's degree programs, 13 first-class master's degree programs, mainly in the areas of engineering, science, literature, and management discipline, 3 first-class doctorate degree programs, in Textile Science and Engineering, Light Industrial Technology and Engineering, Foodstuff Science and Engineering. Dalian polytechnic university has a teaching faculty of 958 teachers, of whom 141 are professors and 248 are associated professors.
Dalian polytechnic university has 25 province-level and ministry-level scientific research centers, including one national research center of Sea Food Seafood Engineering, one national Engineering Technology transfer center, one national science and technology innovation center, 2 national engineering centers, and 5 key laboratories of Liaoning Province.
Having an international outlook, it has vigorously pursued international communication and cooperation. At this time, DPU has established cooperative relationships with more than 60 universities in more than 20 countries including U.S.A., the U.K., France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea etc. Over 20 undergraduate and graduate exchange programs have been developed between DPU and a number of universities and colleges, such as the University of Southampton in Britain and the Institute of Finance and Economics of Mongolia. DPU has added resources to develop international student education through assembling a team of qualified teaching faculty, implementing teaching quality guarantees and a monitoring system to ensure teaching quality for international students. Simultaneously, flexible curricula are offered to cater to the different needs of both degree seeking students and non degree seeking students. DPU has excellent teaching facilities including library, language labs, etc. With the cozy atmosphere, and well-equipped accommodation for international students, it tops the list among universities in Dalian. Chinese language practice activities combined with introduction of to Chinese traditional cultures for international students are provided in various forms. Having recruited and trained o
ver 1,800 international students, Dalian polytechnic university annually attracts more than 400 international students from South Korean, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Sweden, as well as many other countries.

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