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A national "211 project" key university co-built by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education On July 10th, 2000, the new Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. Zhengzhou University has a grand running scope and rich faculty resources. At present, the enrolled number of full-time students is over 36,000, with 6,639 graduate students and 342 international students. Zhengzhou University has a sound and developing infrastructure and the school condition is superior. The National Afforestation Committee has recognized it as one of the top 400 institutions in planting trees. After years balanced development, Zhengzhou University now is a multi-discipline institution with 12 fields, such as, science, engineering, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management science, pedagogy, agriculture and arts. Currently there are six national key disciplines, condensed matter physics, materials processing engineering, history of ancient China, organic chemistry, chemical technology, pathology and pathophysiology; four disciplines ranked top 1% in ESI globally, chemistry, clinical medicine, materials science and engineering; 21 first-level disciplines are authorized to confer doctoral degrees, 3 independent second-level disciplines to confer doctoral degrees, 55 first-level disciplines to confer master's degrees, as well as 23 post-doctoral research stations. There are 46 Schools and 9 affiliated hospitals in Zhengzhou University.[2] The number of staff is over 6,000, 4000 academic members, 29 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering (7 full-time and 22 part-time), 670 professors, and 1,600 associate professors. In year 2016, there are around 55,000 undergraduate students, 15,000 graduate students and 1,800 international students studying in Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou University now has four campuses covering 1070 acres land across Zhengzhou City. The main campus covers 799 acres of land on Science Avenue and Changchun Road in North-West section of Zhengzhou City. It is one of the most beautiful campuses in China. It cost more than two billion Yuan to build this campus. Majority of schools and faculties locate on main campus. The east campus is the campus of previous Henan Medical University in the city center between Zhongyuan Road and Jianshe Road. The clinical stage of medical education is held on this campus.The south campus is the campus of previous Zhengzhou University in the city center area of Daxue Road.

The north campus is the campus of previous Zhengzhou University of Technology in the city center of Wenhua Road




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