Capital University of Physical Education and Sports About us

CUPES is quite active in cooperation and exchange with foreign countries. School of International Education (SIE) is the official administrative department of CUPES in implementing the CUPES international policies and in coordinating its international exchange and cooperation as well as in enrolling international students. 

At present, CUPES has signed the joint education agreement with more than 20 universities or research institutes from America, England, Korea, Japan, Finland, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Belgium, Greece, etc. By exchanging students and visiting scholars, the university intends to build up a higher-level cooperation network with foreign universities based on education and research cooperation. 

CUPES has a current enrollment of around 3,000 students, among whom there are over 50 long-term international students. Besides, more than one hundred short-term international students from about 30 countries or regions are received annually.To meet with the needs of national medium and long-term education reform and development as well as the needs of building Beijing as the International Sports Centre and a healthy city, CUPES will strive to become a delicate first-class sports university in China with its careful education, precise administration and elaborate construction.

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