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Xi'an Jiaotong University, a national  key university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of  Education, is one of the country's oldest institutions of higher  learning. Founded in Shanghai in 1896 as Nanyang Public, it was renamed  Jiaotong University in 1921. In 1956, at the direction of the State  Council, the university was moved to Xi'an, and renamed Xi'an Jiaotong  University (XJTU). As one of the country's national key universities, it was included in the first group of universities singled out for high  priority development under the country's seventh and eighth five year  plans. It was also included in the first group of universities to  benefit from Project 211 and Project 985, with the goal of becoming a  world class university. Under a plan adopted by the State Council in  April, 2000, the original Xi'an Jiaotong University was merged with the  Xi'an Medical University and the Shaanxi Institute of Finance and  Economics to form the new Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Today, Xi'an Jiaotong University is a  comprehensive research university offering programs in nine  areas—science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law,  philosophy and education—with a major emphasis on science and  engineering. It includes 20 schools, eight undergraduate residential  colleges, and eight affiliated teaching hospitals. XJTU has a faculty  and staff of more than 5500, of which 2500 are full-time teachers,  including over 1500 professors and associate professors. The faculty  includes 21 academicians—nine members of the National Academy of  Sciences and twelve members of the National Academy of  Engineering--among whom twelve are members of both. The university has  had five recipients of national teaching awards. Among current faculty  members, 38 have been designated as “Chang JIang Scholars” by the  Ministry of Education; 25 have been honored by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; 15 have been recognized as national  experts who have made outstanding contributions to the nation. An  additional 142 teachers have been selected to participate in the  Ministry of Education's “New Century Program for Promising Young  Talent,” and another 547 have been awarded government stipends for their outstanding contributions to China. Pursuant to its precept that  “talent makes the university strong,” XJTU has continues to add to its  strength by attracting to the campus leaders in a wide range of  disciplines and will continue the process of building its team of  top-level talent.

XJTU has a current enrollment of more  than 30,000 full-time students, including over 13,000 masters and  doctoral candidates. The university offers 78 undergraduate majors, and  awards masters degrees in 200 disciplines and Ph.D. degrees in 115.  Among these, there are 8 which are designated as first-order key  disciplines by the Chinese government, and 37 which are designated as  second–order key disciplines. In addition, 115 disciplines are  recognized as key disciplines at the provincial and ministerial level.  XJTU offers Master degrees 18 areas, including engineering, clinical  medicine, business, and MPA; it has 20 research facilities for  post-doctoral students, four national key laboratories, four national  special laboratories, two national engineering research centers and 59  key research centers and laboratories at the provincial and ministerial  level.

Xi'an Jiaotong University's more than  110 years of history have been informed by a set of principles to which  it has remained true: devotion to learning makes the country stronger;  creation grows out of hard work; honor rectitude and respect truth;  learn teaching rigorously and the character of loving China and the  university and bearing in mind where one's happiness comes from, insists on the school-running characteristic of “high staring point, profound  foundation, strict requirement and focusing on practice,” continually  carves out and innovates and trains people diligently. Numbering among  Jiaoda's outstanding alumni are Cai E, Huang Yanpei, Shao Lizi, Li  Shutong, Ling Hongxun, Zou Taofen, Lu Dingyi, Hou Shaoqiu, Qian Xuesen,  Wang An, Tian Binggeng, and Jiang Zemin. Over 200 XJTU alumni, including Mao Yisheng, Wu Youxun, Zhu Wuhua, Zhang Guangdou, Zhang Wei and Wu  Wenjun have been honored with membership in the National Academy of  Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. Since moving to Xi'an  over 50 years ago, Xi'an Jiaotong University has educated a large group  of talented individuals in many fields, and its graduates have achieved  distinction in all walks of life.

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