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International Students' Gala in Celebration of Jiaotong University's 120th Anniversary of it is Establishment and 60th Anniversary of it is Relocation to Xi’an


The celebration day on Saturday 9th April was absolutely delighted day with the success of "120th Anniversary" of Xi'an Jiaotong University. 

On the evening of April 9, from nearly 50 countries, more than 200 students expressed their love through enthusiastic dancing, poetry and beautiful songs and they gave a wonderful audio-visual show, for the celebration of Xian Jiaotong University’s 120th anniversary.

President of Xi'an Jiaotong University Wang shu guo "王树国 " was joined by Executive Vice President Ewan Mckendrick and Institute of International Law Rein Mullerson from Oxford University, Confucius Institute Director Charles Wood from Nebraska Lincoln University, Director of The Office of International Affairs Joanne Wambeke and Director of The International Education Office Giego Gacia from University of Colorado Denver and other universities. More than 1600 people including teachers and students came to watch the performance. 

The performance divided into three main parts, each part containing different and interesting performances which performed by students from more than 30 countries, expressed their feeling and gave the best gratitude to Xi'an Jiaotong University. 

At 7:30 in the evening, the performance started with opening dance and some students dressed in ethnic costumes in the world instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

The first part of performance was about the appreciation to the university through different arts like SemiChorus "Jiao da, ni hao " the international students in English, Indonesian, Russian, French, Korean, Nepali, Hindi seven languages, sing a love for Thanksgiving with every sound call, showing all the blessings and gratitude to Xi'an Jiaotong University, happy waist drum dance, poetry recitation " a place you fell in love with", street dance and scene play " we are family". 

The second and third parts were showing diversified cultures for different countries through dance and song, every nation has their own cultural characteristics. The international fashion show performed by international students from more than 20 countries, wearing their beautiful clothes and walked onto the stage, showing their unique beauty.

The last song “we are the world “with all performers, it was a beautiful end of the celebration. 

Happy birthday “Jiao da”, wishes Jiaotong University would like to become a world class University.







 On April 8, 2017, the Malaysians Jiaoda Run 3.0 event was being held in Xi’an Jiaotong Yan Ta Campus. The Jiaoda Run event is an annual event organized by Malaysian Students of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The third Jiaoda Run event with a theme of “WE ARE ONE”. This year we have games from four other foreign countries which are Thailand, India, China and Korea.

For this year’s Jiaoda Run, there are 82 participants joining the event, which are consist of the Malaysians students, international students and Chinese students. The objective of this event is to introduce and promote childhood games of Malaysia and other foreign countries in order to strengthen the bond between the Malaysians students, international students and Chinese students, also to reminiscence our childhood and bring the good memories back.

The highlights of this event are the childhood games from Thailand which is titled as “Mother Chicken”, Indian childhood game called “Eating the Hanged Cucumber”, China’s Hop A Little childhood game and Korean’s skipping rope. As for the Malaysian’s childhood games, we played a few games called “Mini Sport” such as “Run in a Sack”, “Three-legged Game”, and the Tug of War game. 

At the end of the event, we held the awarding ceremony of Jiaoda Run 3.0 which were attended by the Malaysian General Consulate, Tan Li Lung and his colleagues, Mr. Amran, Mr. Zhang Hua  and Ms. Lan Xueping was also there to represent the School of International Students at our event. We express our gratitude to the Malaysian Consulate and the School of International Students administration office for their support and cooperation.


Foreign Students Chinese Fun Sports Meeting


There was laughter flying in the playground among foreign students on May 13th, because this was the day of the Chinese Fun Sports Meeting for all 2014 medical major students. There were four events: 

Three Legs Running,Ping-pong Relay, Chinese Zodiac Puzzle Guess and Rope Skipping. In each event, each team not only needs to compete for the speed, but also needs to answer the Chinese questions within the limited time. For some foreign students, it was the first time to take most of the events. It was not easy, but they were very interested in them and had practiced them a week ahead of the Fun Sports Meeting.

During each event, every team performed very good team work, and all competitors respectedfor the equality, justice and mutual assistance. Moreover, some students were resourceful in responding to the questionswithin a short time. All students and teachers had a great joy. After fierce competition, 3ofthe6classes proved their outstanding performance and ranked the top three. Compared with the rank, students valued the joy of each event more. One student shared her feelings: “May 13th was the best day of my life.We had so much fun even when my class lost inthe end. It doesn’t matter.We had the best day of our life. Thank all thoseteachers of XJTUfor organizing such an amazing meeting for us.”

“We got a lot of fun and the sports meeting makes our class more harmony.”SaidMi Wen from class 6. Although the FunSports Meeting was over, the great joy was still around us. The FunSports Meeting not only brought students and teachers together, but also ignitedstudents' interest in learning Chinese.



Liverpool Confucius Institute successfully hosted Mandarin Teaching Workshop


On 25 April 2015, Liverpool Confucius Institute (LCI)successfully hosted Mandarin Teaching Workshop for school teachers from Liverpool—Merseyside area. Twenty three Mandarin Teachers from local schools and weekend Mandarin centres attended the workshop.

In his Welcome speech, LCI Deputy Director John Tasker said, ‘LCI organised this workshop to establish a platform so that Mandarin teachers in the region can exchange views on Mandarin teaching and work together to promote Mandarin teaching in the area.’

In the morning session, Ms Zhou Hu, Mandarin Head teacher from Upton Hall School and Ms Liping Zhang, Mandarin Head teacher from Blue Coat School delivered lectures on Mandarin course development, classroom management, Chinese characters and grammar teaching. In the afternoon’s group discussion, the teachers discussed topics such as how to arouse the student’s learning motivation, teaching the Chinese phonetics system (Pinyin) and how to teach a class more effectively when the students vary in their Mandarin level. After the discussion, LCI Chinese Deputy Director Dr Peng Tian introduced the newly developed teaching Recourse Data for Mandarin teaching.

The workshop received very positive feedback from the participants, who expressed that they benefited a lot from the workshop, and hoped that LCI would continue to hold such workshops in the future. (from The Confucius Institute at University of Liverpool) 








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