Yancheng Institute of Technology Visa Application

1. Visa

To obtain the Student Visa (X Visa or F Visa) from the domestic Chinese Embassy or Consulate with Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China ( JW202 Form)

2. Residence Permit (Apply After Registration)

Students have to apply the Residence Permits within 30 days after he enter China, or will be faced with fine of 500 yuan per day.

Documents required:

1.Fill in the application form for VISA and attach a piece of photo to it. One copy/ person

2. Present official letter issued by the school, one per person.


4. Copy of the first page, residence permits and VISA of the passport.

5. JW202 table (yellow) and its copy.

6. One copy of Certificate of health issued by Yancheng Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

7. A piece of photo of passport.

8. Visa charges 400 Yuan/per person per year (excluding the conversion visa fee).

3. Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Students

According to the regulations of Ministry of Education, all the foreign Students studying inChinalonger than six month should have Comprehensive Insurance.

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