Beijing Union University Visa Application

Visa Application for Study in  China

(JW-202 form)

Everyone should come to the international office  15 days before the visa expiration date to apply for Visa Application Form  (JW-202), for the procedure takes two weeks.



Visa Application

1.     Types  of Visa

A.X Visa—student visa. Any student  holding an X Visa shall apply for  the residence permit within 30 days upon entering China.

B.F Visa—visitor visa. F Visa shall be valid the day when the  holder enters China. The longest stay possible for a holder with an F Visa is one year.

C.L Visa—tourist visa. L Visa holder is not supposed to enroll in full-time  study. Anyone in full-time program shall change it to F Visa or Foreigner Residence  Permit.

D.Foreigner Residence  Permit:  Anyone who will study in China for more than six months (180 days) shall apply  for Foreigner Residence Permit valid  from six months to 24 months.

2.     Visa  Application and Extension

Students shall come to the international office at  least 15 days before visa expiration date to ensure the successful application  and extension of visa.




According to Visa regulations, anyone under 18  shall have a guardian in China. Corresponding certificates shall be taken when  you apply for the visa.



Registration Form of Temporary  Residence

1.     Resident Form is required every time when a foreigner applies for  the visa.

2.     Resident Form shall be updated when the new visa is granted, or a  fine of up to RMB 500 Yuan shall be incurred.

3.     A  foreigner shall show the valid passport and fill in the Registration Form of  Temporary Residence when checking in on campus, at hotels or other  institutions.

4.     If a  foreigner chooses to live with a Chinese family or agencies, they must report to  local police station within 24h and fill in the Registration Form of Temporary  Residence. 

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