Beijing Union University Admissions

Undergraduate Programs

Specialties(4 Academic  Years)

  Bachelor of Business  Administration

  International Economy and Trade (Delivered in Chinese)

  International Business(Delivered in English)


   Bachelor of Arts  (Delivered in Chinese)

   Chinese Language and  Literature

   Chinese Language and Literature (Economic and  Trade Orientation)

   Chinese Language and  Literature (Tourism Orientation)

   Chinese Language and  Literature (Teacher Training Orientation)


   59programs for  undergraduate education

Our university has more than 20 programs for postgraduate education,  59 programs for undergraduate education in the field of economics、engineering、law、education、literature、 history、science、management、chemistry and art. The international students  who pass HSK5 (new version) can directly apply for any specialty among the  above-mentioned programs.

For details, please visit the web:    

Basic  Requirements for  Application

High school graduation, good health, corresponding language  proficiency (Chinese or English)  

Applicant whose age is under 18 needs to submit notarial deed of  guardianship


Application Period and Materials

1.        Application Period:Full-year (Please visit our college website  online registration system for registration or come to international recruitment  office directly)

2.        College Open Date:At the beginning of September and  March

3.        Documents Required for Application

Ø  Application Form (Required to fill out online  or come to international recruitment office)

Ø  A copy of highest graduation certificate and  transcripts

Ø  Transferred students need to submit  transferred certification

Ø  Letter of guarantor and a copy of guarantor’s  ID (if necessary)

Ø  A copy of passport

Ø  Two recent passport photos, white background  without hat

Ø  A copy of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)  result

Non-Degree Programs


1、Intensive Chinese Language  Course

l  Objectives:Through one academic year  (Fall and Spring Semesters, totally 36 weeks) of study,students shall reach HSK 4-5 in Chinese  Proficiency Test and pass College Entrance Examination.

l  Courses  offered:30 class  hours per week,one cultural tour per  week.

l  Chinese language partner  

2、Regular Chinese Language  Courses

Through one academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters, totally 36  weeks) of study,students shall have a good  command of Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and achieve the  entry level of bachelor’s programs (offered in Chinese) at College of  International Education BUU.

Application  Requirements

Good Health

Applicant whose age is under 18 needs to submit  notarial deed of guardianship

Application Period  and Materials

1.        Application  Period:Full-year (Please visit  our college website online registration system for registration or come to  international recruitment office directly)

2.        College Open  Date:At the beginning of  September and March

3.        Documents Required for  Application

Ø  Application Form 

Ø  Letter of guarantor and a  copy of guarantor’s ID (if necessary)

Ø  A copy of  passport

Ø  Two recent passport photos  (without hat), white background 

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