Jiangnan University Visa Application

Applicants should apply for X1 or X2 visas at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate after receiving “Notice for Admission” and JW201 or JW202 Form, and prepare for entry into China.

The student with X1 visa must register at the university and handle the visa change or extension within 30 days after entering the country, otherwise the student will be considered as an unlawful settler and will be fined.

Documents for visa change or extension include:

a.       Visa and Residence Permit Application Form

b.       Original passport, and copies of passport photo page, visa page, entrance stamp

c.       Copy of Admission Notice

d.       Copy of JW201/202 form

e.       University official letter

f.        Accommodation certificate

g.       Copy of University Organization Code Certificate

h.       Copy of Health Certificate issued by Wuxi Entry and Exit Quarantine and Inspection Bureau (for students staying more than 6 months)

i.        Photo (taken in Exit- Entry Administration Office)

j.        Visa fee 400-800 CNY

k.       Students should go to Exit- Entry Administration Office for visa change or extension


(1)     Please pay close attention to your visa/passport validity, and always prepare for visa change or extension one month ahead of the due date. If there is any question, please consult the concerned department or International Students Affairs Office in time.

(2)     After completing visa change or extension, please take the duplicated copy of new visa/residence permit page to International Students’ Affairs Office and the dormitory office. (If you live off-campus, please report your new visa/residence permit to local police station after picking up your passport with new visa/residence permit.)

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