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Our school held in 2017 organ style construction conference

In order to effectively change the style of the organs to improve the efficiency of the school organs and management level, and enhance the ability to serve the scientific development of schools to improve the satisfaction of teachers and students, May 12 afternoon, 2017 organ style building conference in the Southern District Staff Activities Center Held. Organs and functional departments of cadres and staff, libraries and archives, logistics support system, retired Party Committee cadres and above attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Wu Zhenguo.

School party secretary Zhu Tu made a title entitled "style building forever on the road" theme report. He started from the "five requirements" of the general secretary of Xi Jinping and the seven aspects of the "three services" discussed by the comrades in the book, focusing on the background of the work style of the organs, the staff of the organs Professional quality, modern university internal management, organism construction requirements and other aspects of the four aspects. The report closely linked to the work style of the government why, why, how to do this main line, look at ancient and modern, to face the development of reality, in order to further strengthen the work style of the designated direction.

He pointed out that the organs are the management center of the school, in the school development process to play the locomotive, the headquarters, the important role of the dispatch room. Organizational style is an important part of the school style, the quality of cadres, the quality of the work of the organs, directly related to the overall reform and development of the school process. The functions of the institutions of higher education are authoritative, timeliness, synergy, openness and repetition. In the management and service, the organs must clear their own positioning, goals and requirements, strengthen awareness of education, enhance the awareness of efficiency and enhance the efficiency Service awareness, establish a sense of transposition, highlighting professional awareness and enhance the sense of discipline.

He put forward four requirements to the cadres and staff of the organs: to strengthen the study, to improve the cultivation, to do the connotation of the cadres and staff; empathy, to the good line, to do the feelings of cadres and staff; lock the target, perseverance, The cadres and staff; reform and innovation, diligent service, do the dedication of the cadres and staff.

He stressed that the work style of the organs often often new, never-ending. The functional departments of the organs should firmly establish the concept of "style building forever on the road", make a new and greater contribution to the reform and cause development of the school with first-class work attitude, first-class work style and first-class work performance.

Zhou Jianzhong, secretary of the party committee of the organ, read out the decision on "commemorating the 2016" organ style construction model (room) "and" organ style construction service model ". Zhu Tuo, Wu Zhenguo and Zhou Jianzhong together for the award-winning section (room) and the winner award.

At the meeting, the Personnel Department, the Organization Department, the head of the principal responsible person in conjunction with the unit to carry out the work of the situation, from the innovative, normative and service aspects of the work of the construction experience exchange.

The fifth university wisdom campus seminar held in our school

To deepen the implementation of the "national education development" thirteen five "planning" spirit, to adapt to the "Internet + education" new situation needs, to promote information technology and education and teaching depth of integration, promote quality education resources to build and share, by China Higher Education Society Education Information Branch, Teaching Research Branch, Jiangnan University and other co-sponsored the "fifth college wisdom campus seminar" on May 13 in our school held a grand. More than 100 colleges and universities from more than 20 members of the Institute of information technology leadership, a total of more than 200 representatives attended the meeting. My school vice president and chief information officer Tian Jin attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. He briefed the delegates on the innovative ideas and practical experiences of our school in the construction of the wisdom campus in recent years. At the same time pointed out that Jiangnan University will seize the opportunity of learning at this meeting, in accordance with the "concept, technology, management," the Trinity of the wisdom of the campus construction model, further refining the idea, a clear task, temper technology, solid wisdom every step. 

The Chinese Society of Higher Education Education Information Branch Jiang Dongxing will speak to the meeting. He highly appraised Jiangnan University's work in the construction of the wisdom of the campus, and in accordance with the "education information" thirteen five "planning" in the wisdom of the campus construction requirements, further pointed out the importance of the wisdom of campus construction, the universities should Grasp the focus of information technology, speed up the rhythm, through the "innovation, collaboration, integration" to jointly promote the development of university education information.

Information Technology Construction and Management Center Director Zhang Hua to the General Assembly entitled "to" learning "as the center of the wisdom of the campus construction" report. The report focuses on the theme of "new campus learning ecosystem", from the school based on the wisdom of the campus concept of education, strengthen the service of the wisdom of the campus system and the wisdom of learning for the campus practice three aspects of the Jiangnan University, the wisdom of the campus construction services "first-class university Construction "and service teaching and research, cultural heritage of the ideas and practical results. The school will be in accordance with the "thick foundation, all data, large platform, small application, strong service" construction ideas to speed up the construction of intelligent campus. Love the course center Wu Bo, Huazhong Normal University Li Hongfei, Chongqing City Management Vocational College Cao Yi, Zhejiang University Press Huang Juanqin, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Gu Ren Tao, Fudan University Gao Jun and other experts around the "wisdom campus", "wisdom learning" report. Jing Zhaowei, Shanghai Zhilong Information Zhou Xinyu, Hangzhou Zhongguang Network Zhao Yihang, Huawei Education Wang Liangsheng, Shanghai Science and Technology Information Co., Ltd. Mao Weihua and other business representatives also made the theme of the product and technology sharing. The exchange of meetings was enthusiastic and achieved good results.

The grand ceremony of the 2016 China Higher Education Society was held. 50 outstanding cases from the 500 cases from the country to stand out, by the recognition of the Institute, for the wisdom of the campus has played an important role in demonstrating. At the same time, the meeting held a meeting of the Youth Work Department of the Education Informatization Branch and a Working Meeting of the Smart Campus Working Group. Wisdom Campus Working Group Working Conference added the Standing Committee, elected to produce a new head of the deputy head of the Southwest University Liu Guiping any head, Zhongshan University He Haitao, Jiangnan University Zhang Hua, Dalian Maritime University Fan Tiecheng, Zhejiang University Leader.

The 3rd International Symposium on "Environmental Effects of Synthetic Nanoparticles" was held

Recently, the third "International Symposium on the Environmental Effects of Synthetic Nanoparticles" was held in Wuxi. With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, this seminar was jointly organized by Prof. Wang Zhenyu from Jiangnan University and Professor Xing Baoshan from the University of Massachusetts. The Institute of Environmental Pollution and Control of Jiangnan University and the School of Environment and Civil Engineering, Jiangnan University co-sponsored. Prof. Gu Zhengbiao, Vice President of Jiangnan University, Prof. Wu Xiaojun, Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology of Jiangnan University, and Prof. Liu He, Dean of School of Environment and Civil Engineering, Jiangnan University attended the meeting. 

The theme of this conference is "Behavior and Application of Synthetic Nanoparticles in the Environment". This seminar invited three foreign experts and five domestic experts to make a special report on the research field, discuss the theory, method and technology of the research direction and generate new research hotspots through in-depth communication. 

Professor Wang Zhenyu presided over the meeting, he introduced the meeting of the meeting of the eight well-known experts at home and abroad, they are: Environmental Science: Nano ("Environmental Science: Nano" Journal) deputy editor, the United States Carnegie Mellon University Greg Lowry Professor of Arturo Keller from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Prof. Xing Baoshan from the University of Massachusetts, Professor of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation, Professor of Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Prof. Xie Xie, Professor of National Excellent Youth Fund, Dalian University of Technology Professor Lin Zhang of the South China University of Technology, Prof. Zhang Baoliang from the Ministry of Education, Prof. Chen Baoliang from the Ministry of Education, Prof. Wang Xilong, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation, winner of the first batch of outstanding youth fund, Kunming Professor Pan Bo, Polytechnic University. In particular, he thanked Professor Xing Baoshan for his full support and great contribution to the entire research team for more than a decade. 

Gu Zhengbiao Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the school on the arrival of the experts warmly welcome, and you Jiangnan University of various undertakings and environmental science development support expressed sincere respect and heartfelt thanks. He first introduced the general situation of Jiangnan University, then pointed out that the process of environmental pollution and control research is the focus of the current environmental research direction, I believe in the school's strong support, Professor Wang Zhenyu led the research team will achieve rapid development.

Professor Xing Baoshan in the speech to the experts in the busy schedule to participate in the seminar to express gratitude. He said that this is a young scholar's event, to encourage young scholars to have made outstanding achievements of the scientists a lot of communication. In view of the pirate outbreak of Taihu Lake, Professor Xing hopes that the experts and scholars here can brainstorm and solve some problems by establishing some new nanotechnology.

In the subsequent academic report, the invited experts and the students and students had a warm exchange. This seminar attracted more than 60 scholars from more than 60 universities and research institutes in China.

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