Shandong University of traditional Chinese Medicine(SDUTCM), TCM University

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM) was founded in 1958, listed as one of the key state construction TCM higher-learning institutes in 1978, and approved as one of the key Shandong provincial universities in 1981. It is currently the only independent medical university in Shandong Province, and rated excellent in the national undergraduate education evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is among the first batch of “five preeminent featured universities” approved by Shandong provincial government. 

Among all the colleges and universities in Shandong province, it takes the lead in the number of the state key disciplines, in offering master’s and doctoral programs and post-doctoral research programs, and also in undertaking the state “973 Projects” as a chief organization. SDUTCM adheres to the motto of “Cultivating virtues and harboring benevolence, learning extensively and practicing persistently”, exploits fully the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens its connotation construction, and as a result forms its own educational features, namely “nurturing students’ minds by culture, consolidating their foundation, emphasizing knowledge inheritance, and encouraging innovation”. It has trained tens of thousands graduates with professional skills for the nation and society. They share something distinctive in common, for instance, honest-and-sincere personality, solid professional basis, down-to-earth work attitudes. Some of them have won national honorary titles, such as “National Three-Goods Students”, “Self-Reliance Star of Chinese University Students”, and “May 4th Youth Medal of Shandong Province”, etc.

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