Jingchu University of Technology News and Events

Honorary President of Chinese Artists Association, a famous painter and theorist Mr. Zhang Shoutao was invited to come to the school to give lectures to teachers and students of the Art Institute. Party Secretary Wang Lianfang and Vice President Liu Jianqing attended the meeting.

Zhang Shoutao introduced the essence of the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia to explain the concept of emperor, emphasizing the dialectical relationship between man and nature, truth, goodness and beauty, and the broad connotation of the artistic conception and culture of Chinese painting. He emphasized that since culture is rejuvenating the country and culture is strong, the nation is strong. Chinese culture should "take its essence and go to its dregs." We must cultivate and establish a high degree of cultural self-confidence. We must have a clear and rational understanding of the Chinese cultural tradition and It is necessary to take an inclusive and inclusive attitude towards the excellent culture of different countries and nations in the world and be good at understanding one's own cultural values and establishing one's own cultural status in comparison with different cultures. Chinese culture has a strong spirit of opening up and tolerance. For thousands of years, not only the Han nationality has taken the multi-ethnic cultural elements of our country but also absorbed many outstanding cultural elements of different countries and nations in the world.

Zhang Shou Tao also visited the art college student exhibition in the lobby of the Art Institute and interviewed by Chinese calligraphy and painting channel reporters. He highly affirmed the philosophy and students' work in our college.

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