Hubei University of Technology News and Events

Prof. Michael G. Gänzle of the University Of Alberta, Canada, Gives a Lecture in Our University

On the morning of May 9th, Michael G. Gänzle, a professor of the University of Alberta, Canada, gave a lecture entitled "Microbial Ecology of Cereal Fermentations" in Room A414 of the new Light Industry Building . Teachers and postgraduate students from the School of Biological Engineering and Food Science attended the lecture.


In the report, Professor Gänzle explained the evolutionary history of microbial flora in cereal fermented food and lactic acid bacteria in sourdough bread by bioinformatics. He also took the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria and the glutamic acid metabolic pathway as examples to analyze the effect of lactic acid bacteria metabolism on the texture and flavor of sourdough bread.


At the end of the lecture, Professor Gänzle gave a presentation about the effects of polysaccharides, starch, and protein on the quality of the bread, and the characteristics of lactic acid bacteria, with the teachers and students. All attendees thought itwas a very beneficial lecture and would inspire them in their academic research.

Foreign Students Volunteer at HBUT Kindergarten

 Recently, four international students from different countries visited the HBUT kindergarten, and spent a pleasant afternoon volunteering with them.  They were led by our teachers, and staff of the School of International Education. 


These four students are freshmen enrolled at HBUT this spring. They are currently studying with the School of International Education for Chinese learning, and will go to different majors in the fall semester.The volunteers started with a simple Chinese self-introduction, and then they presented their native cultures through pictures and videos as well as some English dialogue. At the end of the activity, the volunteers performed a vibrant African folk dance and the children responded with a cute "Happy New Year" dance.


The teachers believe that the biggest obstacle in students' communication with Chinese people is the language, while teaching language in class is limited. So the school has been organizing a variety of activities to promote the involvement of students among Chinese people. As the old saying goes, "the key to sound relations between states lies in the affinity between their people". We hope the group of foreign students can be given more chances to exchange culture and ideas.

Delegation from University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria Visits Our University

On the afternoon of April 24th, Prof. Velizara Ivanova Pencheva, president of Angel Kanchev University of Ruse and Prof. Hristo Ivanov Beloev, President of the Council of Rousseau, Bulgaria, were invited to visit our university. The president of Hubei University of Technology, Prof. Liu Defu, and the vice president, Prof. Zhang Yingjiang met with the foreign guests. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Diana Bebenova, visiting scholar of the University of Ruse, and staff from both the Department of International Relations and the School of International Education  The meeting was hosted by Ms. Long Yan, director of the Department of International Relations.


The meeting began with a welcome speech by Vice President Zhang Yingjiang, which he followed up with a brief introduction to HBUT, especially our Green Industry Strategy. Ms. Long Yan briefed attendees on the status of HBUT's international cooperation. Then President Pencheva introduced the history, development and advantages of University of Ruse.  Each group exchanged their thoughts for intensifying the partnership and expanding teacher and student exchange programs between them on the basis of the Erasmus+ program. The Erasmus+ Foundation has accepted two post-graduate students from HBUT to study at University of Ruse this spring.  On behalf of our university, Vice President Zhang Yingjiang signed a MoU with University of Ruse.


After the meeting, the delegation visited the Ming and Qing Dynasties Furniture Museum, HBUT's History Museum, the Industrial Culture Corridor, and the Center for Brewing Technology.  The attendees spoke highly of HBUT's education, culture and international cooperation.


About University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria

  University of Ruse, established in 1954, is a comprehensive university located in the city of Ruse in northern Bulgaria.

 Around 6,000 students study in 10 faculties including Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Automation, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Public Health and Healthcare.

  There are also two Branches of Ruse University in Silistra and Razgrad, and a Bulgarian and Romanian Inter-university Europa Centre.

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