Hubei University of Technology About us

 HBUT has proactively aimed to satisfy national and regional strategic demands of the development of green technologies as well as the greening of traditional technologies, and has endeavored to implement the “135+” Discipline Developmental Strategy focusing on green technologies. HBUT has 1 provincial leading discipline, 5 provincial characteristic disciplines, 4 key (nurtured) provincial disciplines, 2 provincial leading and characteristic discipline collections, and 34 disciplines under the “Hubei Provincial Chutian Scholar Scheme”. HBUT has established 18 general Master’s degree conferral programs, 75 specific Master’s degree conferral programs, and 12 fields in which Master of Engineering degrees can be conferred.   

HBUT has 1 key laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Education, 1 postgraduate innovation center accredited by the Ministry of Education, 1 state-level technology conversion demonstration center, 2 post-doctoral research centers, 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 4 provincial key laboratories, 10 provincial engineering technology (research) centers, 2 provincial engineering laboratories, 6 provincial humanities & social sciences key research workshops, and 22 provincial university-industry co-constructed research and development centers. Since 2011, HBUT has presided over more than 1,600 scientific research programs at the provincial level and above, including 216 national funding programs. HBUT has also initiated and/or participated in more than 10 major specialized projects under the “973 Program” , the “863 Program”, “National Science & Technology Supporting Scheme”, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. HBUT has earned more than 50 awards, such as national and provincial science and technology awards, social sciences awards, development and research awards, as well as awards for excellent investigation achievements. In addition, HBUT has been qualified at Confidentiality Level 2 for weapon and military equipment research and manufacturing, as well as being accredited in national quality standard for military products. Since 2011, HBUT has been positioned near the top of the ranking list for Science and Technology Service for Economic and Social Development of Hubei Province among provincial higher educational institutions. There has been featured coverage of HBUT achievements in scientific and technological conversions by important mass media in China, such as CCTV News and Xinhua News Agency.  

The publication, China Mechanical Engineering, undertaken by HBUT has won “Top 100 Outstanding Academic Journals of China” for 13 years straight and is highly rated in “Journals of China with Highest International Academic Impact”, “Boutique Technical Journals of China”, and “Top 100 Technical Journals of China”.

Throughout its longstanding course of operation, HBUT has developed the motto and spirit of “the cultivation of virtue, expansion of knowledge, pursuit of truth, and stimulation of innovation”. HBUT aims to foster high-qualified applied professionals who possess innovative and entrepreneurial competence as well as practical skills, and proactively strengthens the innovative “721” professionals education reform, the quality of education continuously improving and the social impact continually extending.

In recent years, HBUT students have achieved outstanding accomplishments in a variety of national competitions, and have made a number of breakthroughs as well. Since the 12th Five-year Plan, HBUT students have won more than 1,000 national awards and more than 600 provincial awards in knowledge competitions covering all sorts of subjects; more than 60 national awards in various scientific, technological and cultural competitions, of which over 20 are first prizes. In addition, HBUT students have won highest ranking awards in competitions such as National “Challenge Cup” University Student Entrepreneurial Plan Competition, National “Challenge Cup” Academic and Scientific Works Competition, Mathematical Modeling Competition, Innovative Mechanical Design Competition, Structural Design Competition, Electronic Design Competition, Smart Automobile Competition, National University Student Social Practice Evaluation, and so on. In sports events, HBUT basketball team has broken into the Top 16 of CUBA; HBUT students have won championships in both the Men’s Singles (the Super Team) and the Women’s Singles (the Super Team) of the National Table Tennis Tournaments. 

Over the years, HBUT has played a leading role in inspiring and facilitating innovative and entrepreneurial activities among students. HBUT has established the Hubei Provincial University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Center, the Hubei Provincial Incubator for Scientific Enterprises on Campus and the Hubei Provincial University Student Entrepreneurial Incubation Demonstration Center. For many years, the one-time employment rate of graduates has remained above 94%. HBUT has been awarded honorary titles such as “Advanced Institution for High Graduate Employment Rate” among Chinese higher educational institutions and “Experienced Higher Educational Institution as a Role Model for Graduate Employment” by the Ministry of Education.  

HBUT holds to the opening-up of its operations and has seen continuous development of the internationalization of education. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 80 universities, colleges and research institutes from more than a dozen countries and regions such as the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Taiwan, etc. It has started 8 international cooperative programs of undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with approximately 1300 full-time students. Additionally, HBUT has enrolled more than 500 overseas students. HBUT has established 6 international joint scientific research platforms (centers), such as Phillips Hydrophilic Colloid Research Center of Hubei University of Technology, Sino-American Energy Research Center of Hubei University of Technology, Sino-French Civic Sustainable Development Platform of Hubei University of Technology and so on.

HBUT has been awarded various honorary titles many times such as “Advanced Organization for High Graduate Employment Rate” among Chinese higher educational institutions, “Hubei Provincial Advanced Organization for Party Development”, “Provincial Advanced Grassroots Party Committee”, “Best Civilized Organization of Hubei Province”, “Advanced Organization for Science and Technology Services in Hubei Province”, “Hubei Provincial Advanced Organization for Doctors’ Services”, “Hubei Provincial Advanced Organization for Intensifying ‘Opening Up’”, “Hubei Provincial Role Model for Legal Operation”, “Hubei Provincial Advanced Organization for Professional Affairs”, “Top 10 Hubei Provincial University for the Encouragement of Reading”, “Hubei Provincial University of Good Reputation” and so on.

Dreams illuminating our future, it is time to strive forward. In the course of realizing the grand blueprint of the “13th Five-year Plan”, Hubei University of Technology is keeping apace of the times, and is advancing through all possible challenges, aiming to build itself into a high-level institution specialized in green technologies.

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