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TUTE Attended the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

 Sep.18th,2015  Educational Foreign-Aid Section,International Exchange Office  

In this summer break, TUTE’s president Prof. Liu Xin and vice-president Prof. Yan Bing, together with some staff of International Affairs Office, headed to Guiyang to attend the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. As a highlight of the week, Chinese-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance was inaugurated and TUTE, as a member of the Alliance, was appointed Vice-Chair of the organizatio

On the opening ceremony, Mrs. Liu Yandong, a member of the Political Bureau and vice-premier of State Council, wrote to extend her congratulations. Cambodian vice-premier Sok An delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, announced the opening of the Week.  Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, delivered an address via video.

The theme of the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week is “Learning from each other for the well-being of the future”, which encompasses cultural exchange, academic research and scientific cooperation as well as other fields. During the week, a couple of high-profile events would be held, including China-ASEAN High-level Educational Official Conference, China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperative activities, China-ASEAN Chinese Language Education Seminar,Summit Forums on Maritime Silk Road, national agricultural economy and green transformation.Chinese Minister of Education Mr. Yuan Guiren, UNESCO’s Deputy Director-General Getachew Engida and a couple of guests, they together unveiled the Chinese-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance. On behalf of TUTE, its President Prof. Liu Xin attended the unveiling ceremony and delivered a speech on the conference.

TUTE’s delegates attended the opening ceremony, the first board meeting of China-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance and China-ASEAN International Education Seminar where Prof. Liu gave a speech, as well as some project promotions and exhibitions.  On the sideline of the event, TUTE and delegates from Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand continued the talk around the detailed terms and conditions of their cooperation.

China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week was co-hosted by Chinese Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Education and Guizhou Provincial Government, in order to bring the ASEAN countries closer, facilitate education cooperation, promote cultural and educational exchange. From 2008 onward, the event has continued for eight years. TUTE, now a member of China-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance, will work together with other members to construct a platform on which we can share information and experience

TUTE played host to 2015 Summer Camp students from Confucius Institutes in Ethiopia

Over the summer break, TUTE hosted the Summer Camp for students coming from Confucius Institutes in Ethiopia. The event was sponsored by Hanban China.

40 Ethiopian students who participated in the camp were from Addis Ababa University Confucius Institute and TVET Confucius Institute. The aim of the event is to give the students an opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience the culture and customs as well.

There were three modules in the Summer Camp. First one was language module, which included writing and listening lessons and evaluations; Second is cultural experience, which encompassed a wide variety of cultural aspects, such as Chinese dancing, singing, paper-cutting, Peking opera, calligraphy, Taiji, Chinese-knot making, to name just a few; the third module consisted of excursions and sight-seeing tours.

After the summer camp, students came to know and understand more about Chinese culture, geography and history. They felt proud that they won the chance to come to visit China and study here for a short while.

The event achieved a great success thanks to the support from Confucius Institute at Addis Ababa University, TVET Confucius Institute and language centers  across Ethiopia, which would greatly contribute to the development of overseas Confucius Institutes as well as to TUTE’s international aiding project. 

2015 Commencement for International Students

On July 9th, 2015 Commencement for International Students was held in the Auditorium of TUTE’s International Education College. Among those who attended the ceremony were TUTE’s president Prof. Liu Xin, V.P. Prof. Yan Bing, Dean of Graduate College Cao Jihua, Director of International Affairs Office Zhai Fengjie, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office Yang Hui as well as several faculty members who had supervised the progress of the international students’ study. Some students’ parents and friends came from afar to attend the commencement. The ceremony was presided over by Xing Jinmin, Deputy Dean of International Education College.

First, Prof. Yan Bing announced two resolutions passed by TUTE’s Academic Board, which declared that the students in the enclosed list were to receive their degrees. Teachers and graduate student supervisors did the honors of conferring the degree certificates.

Then Prof. Liu Xin congratulated 54 graduates on their successful completion of the study and hoped that they could “combine theoretic studies with hands-on training to achieve all-round development”, which is TUTE’s motto. Hopefully, the graduates could honor TUTE in the future by excelling in their own careers.

David, on behalf of the graduates, gave a touching valediction. He expressed his thankfulness to his teachers and to those who had offered him help and talked about his nostalgic feelings when suddenly it was time to leave.

Wang Shuang, faculty member of College of Electronic Engineering, addressed the students. On behalf of the faculty, she congratulated the graduates and wished them a bright future.

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