Tianjin University of Technology and Education About us

In Feb. 1979, Tianjin Normal  Technical College was founded on the basis of Tianjin Labor Bureau Technical  School and Tianjin 5th Machine Tool Plant in an effort to meet the demand for  vocational teachers. Approved by Hua Guofeng, premier of the State Council, Deng  Xiaoping, vice premier and other 14 heads of state, the school was sponsored by  the former State Administration of Labor. (State Administration of Labor,  Ministry of Education (79), Labor and Personnel File No. 7, Education Program  File No. 51)

In Nov. 1983, having approved by  Ministry of Labor and Personnel, the school was renamed as Tianjin College of  Vocational Technology and Education. (Labor and Personnel File No.  61﹝1983﹞);

In Feb. 2000, as approved by the  General Office of the State Council, the school began to be co-sponsored by  central and local authorities, mainly by local authorities. (File No. 11 issued  by the General Office of the State Council﹝2000﹞)

 In May, 2004, approved by the  Ministry of Education, the school was renamed as Tianjin College of Technology  and Education. (File No. 75, issued by the Ministry of Education,  2004)

In March 2010, as approved by the  Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Tianjin University of Technology  and Education. (File No. 30, issued by the Ministry of Education,  2010)

In March 2012, Ministry of Education  and Tianjin Municipal Government signed an official agreement to co-sponsor  Tianjin University of Technology and Education.

Founded  in 1979, Tianjin University of Technology and education (TUTE) is the first  normal university in China to produce vocational teachers. The school was  sponsored by the former Ministry of Labor until 2000 when it began to be  sponsored by state and local authorities, mainly by the latter. In March 2010,  the school was renamed as Tianjin University of Technology and Education. In  March 2012, Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government signed an  official agreement to co-sponsor TUTE.

TUTE  covers an area of more than 800,000 m2 with a construction area of over 470,000 m2. 1,7000 full-time students are studying on campus.  TUTE has a strong and distinctive faculty, 50.25% of which are professors or  associate professors. Teachers with technical qualifications make up 70% of  those with double certificates. TUTE has 11 national experiment demonstration  units (Engineering Training Center) and training centers, 160 training  laboratories, 5 innovation bases and advanced laboratory and training equipment  worth 0.291 billion Yuan. The value of equipment per student ranks in the  forefront of universities in China

TUTE  has 7 disciplines, namely engineering, education, science, management,  economics, literature and art. It has a postdoctoral workstation, a first-level  discipline master’s program, a professional degree program and 38 bachelor’s  programs in which 6 are key subject namely: mechanical manufacturing education,  automotive maintenance engineering education, electrical technology education,  electronic information engineering, vocational and technical education  management, and computer science and technology. The postdoctoral workstation is  co-established with Tianjin No. 1 Machine Tool Works. TUTE boasts four  provincial key subjects (i.e. education, mechanical engineering, transportation  engineering, control science and engineering), and 5 school-level key subjects,  and 1 school-level key development subject. In terms of laboratories, TUTE has  established 2 provincial key laboratories (i.e. High-speed Cutting and Precision  Machining Laboratory, Information Sensing and Intelligent Control Laboratory), 1  provincial key technology engineering center (i.e. Fieldbus Control Technology  Engineering Center) and 1 provincial humanities and social science key research  base (i.e. Pedagogic and Vocational Abilities Research Center).

TUTE  sticks to the educational philosophy of “combining theoretic studies with  hands-on training to achieve all-round development”. Since 1990s, a new mode has  been initiated to produce talents. Integrated vocational teachers have been  produced by double-certificate system. (Double-certificate refers to the diploma  and a national vocational qualification certificate that the students receive  upon graduation. Integrated teachers refer to the students’ capacities of being  able to offer theoretical courses as well as guiding professional skills  training). In 1996, bachelor students with national senior vocational  qualification certificates graduated from TUTE, making the school take the lead  in producing such talents. TUTE received 1st  prize of national teaching achievements twice. In 2003, bachelor students with  national technician vocational qualification certificates graduated from TUTE.  In 2006, TUTE was rated as excellent in the undergraduate teaching assessment  conducted by the Ministry of Education. In 2009, TUTE received three 1st prizes of Tianjin Teaching Achievements Awards  with the project of “Skills, application and innovation centered, improving the  quality of talents cultivation”.

In  the past 5 years, students from TUTE took part in many contests namely National  Electronic Design for College Students, mathematical modeling, engineering  training capability, “Challenge Cup” National Extracurricular Academic, Science  and Technology Works Competition for College Students, to name just a few,  winning 15 national first prizes, 40 second prizes, 4 third prizes; in local  contests, TUTE has won 1 grand prize, 130 first prizes, 194 second prizes, 255  third prizes, 223 outstanding awards. Up to now, TUTE has produced over 30,000  vocational teachers who are favorably received by their employers. The  employment rate of TUTE has always been taking the lead among universities in  Tianjin.

Vocational  Education Institute, African Vocational Education Research Center are among the  38 research institutes in TUTE. Over the past 5 years, TUTE has undertaken 191  national and provincial projects, namely National 863 Project, National Natural  Science Foundation Project, National Science and Technology Key Project,  National SME Innovation Foundation, National Social Science Foundation Project,  Humanities and Social Science Foundation Project by Ministry of Education,  science and technology project by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social  Security, National Education Planning Projects etc. Achievements in the projects  include 38 national and provincial awards, 8 authorized patents, 59 new utility  patents, 30 software copyright registrations, 27 monographs. Journal of Tianjin University of Technology and Education  and Vocational Education Research are school  journals which have been rated as first class journals in Tianjin. Vocational Education Research have been winning first prizes in National Vocational Education  Journals Competition for many years in a row.

Approved  by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social  Security, TUTE has been rated among the first schools as 13 training bases,  namely “National Key Vocational Teachers Training Base”, “National Vocational  and Technical Teachers Training Base”, “National Vocational Teachers Training  Base”, “National Highly Skilled Talent Training Base”, “Foreign Aid Base of  Ministry of Education” to name just a few. (TUTE led the first 3 projects.) TUTE  is the leading body of Vocational Teachers Committee of China Vocational and  Technical Education Society, Normal Vocational and Technical School Union,  Degree and Postgraduate Education Society and the executive leading body of  Vocational Guidance Committee. Over the past 5 years, TUTE organized and hosted  vocational and technical contests i.e. National Vocational and Technical Contest  for Technical Schools, Tianjin Electric and Electronic Vocational Skills Contest  for Secondary Vocational Schools. TUTE also provides technical support and  evaluation for Tianjin CNC Skills Contest, National Vocational and Technical  Contest organized by China Youth League, State-owned Key Enterprises, SASAC  etc., fully displaying the vocational and technical abilities of the faculty and  students of TUTE.

As  the first foreign aid base approved by the Ministry of Education, TUTE has made  remarkable achievements in foreign aid in Africa. In the past 5 years, TUTE sent  123 person-time to teach in Ethiopia, Tanzania and other countries, training  nearly 10,000 students. In 2008, in accordance with the agreement between the  Ministries of Education of Ethiopia and China, commissioned by the Ministry of  Education of China, TUTE undertook the teaching and administration of  Ethiopia-China Vocational and Technical College which was selected as one of the  “China-Africa 20+20 Cooperation Projects”. TUTE established the first Confucius  Institute in Ethiopia i.e. Addis Ababa Confucius Institute, 3 Chinese language  centers in Addis Ababa University, Awassa University and Marquette University  where Chinese culture is vigorously promoted. In recent years, cooperation and  communications is conducted with universities in the US, Japan, South Korea, the  UK, and Australia etc. TUTE also recruits students with Chinese Government  Scholarship. International undergraduate and graduate students currently  studying in TUTE come from Ukraine, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Vietnam  etc.

At  present, with the reputation of “the cradle of vocational teachers in China”,  TUTE is a leading university in vocational and technical education at home and  an influential normal polytechnic university in the world. TUTE will accelerate  its reform and development to further explore new modes of education and strive  to live up to its reputation.

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