Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University News and Events

The dean of the School of Medicine meets with the Arkansas State University delegation

Recently, the Arkansas State University, USA (Arkansas State University) Minister of International Affairs Dr. Sivakumaran and his entourage visited Changchun.

Singapore’s Nanyang Institute of Technology visits our school

On the May 14th, Nanyang Polytechnic Institute General Manager Xie Changrong, Nanyang Institute of Technology Director Lin Junyuan and the leadership of the Provincial Department of Education visited our school. Principal Su Xianxue, vice president Ma Lijuan and other leaders in the office met the guests in the buildings meeting room. 

South Korea university delegation on a friendly visit to the hospital

On the morning of April 23rd , Li Zhili, Director of the International Exchange Department of Korea University, Ms. Li Jingzhen, Research Center of Far East, Korean University, visited our school. 

Foreign students ' education has been improved and the prospects for cooperation between the two schools widened


April 28, the University of South Korea's education delegation Zhao Zoheng President of three people to visit our hospital, this is the fourth visit of the ROK delegation since the cooperation between the two schools.

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