Leshan Normal university News And Events

  • School leaders to participate in the provincial special supervision Muchuan County poverty alleviation work

In accordance with the provincial government unified deployment, May 7 to 11, the school vice president Chen Xiaochun led the local co-operation to the Muchuan County, in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Transportation, the provincial government counseling room, the provincial Unicom and seven "two Do not worry about the three guarantees "sector of more than 20 relevant comrades of the provincial supervision group, on the Muchuan County to carry out poverty alleviation special supervision.

Supervise the group in the Muchuan County, 16 poor villages in the field to see the poverty alleviation task decomposition, the responsibility to implement the cadres to help, because the village due to the situation and project to promote the situation, check the township "three", the village " , Poor households "a super six have" to achieve the situation, and view the county, town, village file information. The supervisory team visited more than 160 poor households and collected nearly 200 questionnaires.

Chen Xiaochun responsible supervision team and his party in the town of Daping, Pearl River, Mu Town, Tsuen Wan three poor villages to carry out the town, the village poverty alleviation task decomposition, the responsibility to implement the cadres to help, because the village due to the situation and project promotion Situation, the town of "three have", the village "a low five" field inspection and supervision of the investigation, in-depth 30 poor households, "a super six have" to achieve the situation visited the questionnaire, successfully completed the provincial special supervision of the working group layout Special supervision work.

  • Strengthen the Consciousness of Internal Control and Improve the Level of Anti - corruption- School held by the party center (to expand) learning and cadre ability training

May 10 , the school held in the third meeting room of Hongyi House Party Committee Center (expansion) learning and cadre capacity training capacity, invited the Sichuan University Finance Department Deputy Director Dr. Wang Chunju as "administrative institutions internal control norms" special counseling Learn.At home all the school leaders, cadres at the level to participate in learning, school party committee deputy secretary, president Hu Dan presided over the meeting and work for the deployment.

Wang Chunju in the lectures to Sichuan University internal control standard construction, for example, the national policy and school practice, from the "why should strengthen the internal control system", "how to carry out internal control system", "internal control system construction experience and thinking" Three aspects, the detailed introduction of the Sichuan University internal control system construction measures practices and experience to help you further deepen the understanding of the value of establishing a sound internal control system, an increase of the school internal control system to build the main content of the understanding to promote further Do the school internal control system construction, enhance the level of school governance, to prevent the risk of clean government and other aspects of the initiative and consciousness.

Hu Dan pointed out in his speech that the implementation of internal control norms is an important measure to strengthen the supervision of education funds. It is an inevitable requirement to enhance the internal governance level, standardize the internal power operation, promote the construction of clean government and improve the modern university system. 

Around the further strengthening of the school internal control work, Hu Dan asked all departments to seriously consider the internal management system construction problems and weak links, carefully combing the existing internal management system sound and perfect situation, combined with the relevant policy requirements, strengthen Document system of waste reform work, efforts to build a new system to adapt to the reform and development of the internal control system for the school to create a provincial first-class lay a solid internal norms and system protection.

He stressed that the information sharing, focusing on coordination as a sound and perfect internal control system of the working principle, we should pay attention to the consistency between the system and the system to prevent the conflict between documents and documents, inconsistent, etc., to deepen the grassroots research , Efforts to improve the relevance of the document system, effectiveness and maneuverability. He pointed out that the key to the construction of internal control system is to establish a financial budget as the core, to control and control as the fundamental financial monitoring mechanism, the various departments to efficiency efficiency as a benchmark, and effectively strengthen the scientific and rational budget, Continue to adhere to the internal audit and external audit combined to strengthen the implementation of budget monitoring, and effectively improve the efficiency of the use of funds, control the use of funds risk. He finally hoped that all levels of cadres and teachers and students should further strengthen the "administrative institutions internal control norms" and other senior and school rules and regulations of the study, and effectively enhance the sense of awareness, risk awareness, adhere to the system with the management of the matter, Of the good cadres, efforts to enhance the level of clean government risk prevention and control, and strive to build a clean air is clean campus.

  • Panzhihua College to visit the exchange

On the morning of May 10 , Xiao Lijun, secretary of the Party Committee of Panzhihua University, and Liu Lixin, vice-president of the school, attended the meeting. The school party secretary Yang Shengkuan, Vice President Li Zhaohui and the school office, educational office, continuing education college and other relevant departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Yang Shengkuan focused on the school in the ideological and political work, especially the level of cadres to enhance the quality of students, ideological and political work, the ideological and political work of faculty, teachers and teachers and the construction of the campus culture and other aspects of experience and practice a comprehensive introduction.

Li Zhaohui on the school education comprehensive reform, personnel training quality, innovation and entrepreneurship education, production and education integration and school-enterprise cooperation and other aspects of the work with the guests to share. Xiao Lijun on how to play the characteristics of location, support the local economy and local economic development on the impact of the work of the work were introduced. Liu Lixin on the two units of the target management assessment work experience and practice were discussed.

After the meeting, the relevant departments of the two sides also carried out counterpart exchanges.

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