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Shoulder the responsibility of the times lit youth dream: our school held "May Fourth Youth Festival" cum "Green bamboo plan" forum

On the afternoon of May 4, 2017, the Central Academy of Fine Arts "May Fourth Youth Festival" cum "Green Bamboo Plan" was held in the school history exhibition hall. Party secretary Gao Hong and more than 100 teachers and students on behalf of learning General Secretary Xi Jinping China University of Political Science and Law of the important speech, a total of Central American youth growth talent. The symposium also invited the comrades of the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and the Cultural and Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Culture to communicate with the students on the development of art talents.

Gao Hong told teachers and students the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to study China University of Political Science and Law. General Secretary stressed that the future of China and the Chinese nation belongs to the youth. Youth is the embodiment of the core competitiveness of the country. Contemporary youth has the courage to take responsibility. To achieve the "two hundred years" goal of this era to match the ideal of the ideal faith. Gao Hong combined with the spirit of the Secretary of the Secretary of the students on the growth and development of the four expectations, he hoped that the students should be determined to become China's best artists; hope that students can further grow into a leading role in the arts leader; hope students We can understand the era of the times, reflecting the characteristics of this era; hope students, graduate students will be able to create a good atmosphere, the majority of students to learn life and growth talent.

Gao Hong congratulated the students who were elected to the Standing Committee of the Fourth Session of the Students' Committee of the Second Session of the Students' Committee and the Standing Committee of the Third Session of the Second Session of the Students' College Committee on behalf of all the greetings from the school to all the Central American youths. Teachers pay tribute. Gao Hong pointed out that the "green bamboo plan" is a platform for students to practice practice is also a platform for education, both the creation of the platform is also a platform to show, but also contribute to the platform. He encouraged students to use this platform to support their own growth goals.

Minister Guo Li introduced the basic situation of the "Green Bamboo Plan". In response to the school party committee on the "point to draw a good student growth path, with the power of the school students to the world stage and the professional field," the call, the school academy planning the Central Academy of Fine Arts outstanding students "green bamboo plan" as a form of landing and important Grab the hand. The school will be through the accumulation of high quality resources, the selection of outstanding students, the establishment of security system, to strengthen leadership and coordination, etc. preferred to send students to the backbone of important institutions and platform training practice to help young students to achieve the value of life for the century to cultivate high-end art talents.

Teachers and students on behalf of their own work life experience talk about the experience. Chen Ye, deputy secretary of the Party School of Modeling, told his own career experience, she hoped that students can cherish the opportunity provided by the school, dare to practice, through the "Green Bamboo Plan" to achieve the ideal, grow talent. School student chairman Zhang Lin introduced the work of the student union, said the young people in the Academy of Fine Arts should be the combination of student work and historical responsibility. School graduate student president Su Man proposed graduate students should always bear in mind the dream of the times, with practical action to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth. Chinese painting school Ma Chu Hang students from their own point of view expressed the "Green bamboo plan" expectations. School of Oil Painting Professor Xie Na mentioned the meaning and thinking of learning painting. Modeling school frescoes Liu Chang classmates combined with their own experience, tells the school on the Academy of Fine Arts students attach importance. Faculty of Humanities, Chen, preaches the importance of cultural soft power around the construction of cultural power.

Zhang Xiaoyu, Director of Personnel Department of Chinese Artists Association, Shi Zhiyuan, Deputy Director of the Office of the Chinese Calligraphers' Association, and Vice President Liu Yang, Deputy Director of the Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Culture attended the forum. The Central Academy of Fine Arts in the comprehensive quality of students and business ability to give a certain affirmative, around the rich students in practice and entrepreneurship channels to broaden the career choice of graduates, combined with the actual work of the unit to explore the "green bamboo plan" cooperation model diversification and other issues to discuss The

After the meeting, Gao Hong presented the prints of Zhao Jinxiu's printmaking works to the supporting units. The exhibition hall of the Communist Youth League is designed with the instructions of the leaders of the Communist Youth League, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi. The symposium on "May Fourth Youth Festival" and "Qingzhu Plan" is held here. significance.

The relevant departments responsible person, the department heads in charge of student work leadership, as well as the faculty counselors, sub-committee (regimental branch) secretary, the fourth session of the second session of the student council members and the department heads, the third second graduate students Members of the Standing Committee of the Committee and ministers and faculties attended the symposium.

To build high-end academic platform focus on major theoretical research: our school held a "hundred years brilliant" project major theoretical research project work deployment 

On the morning of May 9, 2017, the university organized a work conference on the major theoretical research projects of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. School Party Secretary Gao Hong, Dean, deputy party secretary Fan Dian attended the meeting and speech, deputy party secretary Wang Shaojun presided over the meeting. Director of Scientific Research Song Xiaoxia introduced the background and implementation of the project. Academic Committee executive vice president Yin Ji male, the department heads and relevant administrative departments attended the meeting.

Gao Hong in the mobilization speech pointed out that the school party committee and the hospital leadership team has always attached great importance to our theoretical research and construction work, the school set up a platform to organize the implementation of "hundred years brilliant" major theoretical research projects to promote our theoretical research to achieve important results And is not only the development of our discipline, the need for talent team building, but also to play the Central Academy of Fine Arts to lead the cause of Chinese art and art education career development of the inevitable requirement is given the historical mission of our time. Requirements of the professional, teachers in the past on the basis of accumulation, focusing on the development of disciplines, times propositions and national cultural development requirements, together with the study of major theoretical issues, help the school "century glory" and "double first" construction, the school will Fully support this theoretical research and artistic creation.

Fan Dian summed up my school in recent years in the school pattern, the creation of scientific research and other aspects of the progress made, and further pointed out that we have in the Chinese characteristics and major theoretical research under the guidance of the idea of organic unity, in recent years, the practical experience of various disciplines, Refining the major issues, rising to a new theoretical height, which is the College of major theoretical research projects to solve the main problem. Fan Dian stressed that the faculty back to the meeting to carry out the implementation of the plan to encourage a large pattern, a large field of vision of young teachers to actively participate in the promotion of competition. With the implementation of this major theoretical research project, take the top-down, bottom-up, and then from top to bottom of the collective selection of organizations, the formation of a number of new disciplines covering the various disciplines, To open a major theoretical research projects, the formation of Central American cluster, Central American school, in the century before the celebration, the introduction of a number of major theoretical research results, with the international and domestic counterparts to promote the exchange, showing the sound of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Academic Committee, deputy director of the College of Humanities, said Yin Ji-man in the exchange of speech, from the college's point of view, from the academic height of the planning, for different major theoretical research, composition theory and practice of combining research team, This will be more effective. In addition, we must establish the campus culture of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, regular or irregular organization meetings, promote communication and professional development among teachers, and create a harmonious and relaxed academic research atmosphere.

Wang Shaojun stressed in the concluding remarks, this work is the college leadership team collective research, for the development of our hospital in the theoretical research made a major strategic plan, the units should attach great importance to, regardless of the effectiveness of scientific research funding, or next year Of the centennial celebration can be said that time is pressing, after the units should pay close attention to the implementation of the organization, and strive to put forward high-quality major theoretical research topics, in accordance with the notification requirements, submitted to the research office.

In accordance with the requirements of the meeting, the research institutes will further strengthen the construction of our theoretical research platform, build high-end academic research platform, integrate the research power of the whole school, introduce the theoretical research results that can withstand historical test, and help our school " "Construction.

Chinese dream · Labor beauty: 2017 grass-roots workers style sketch works exhibition and works collection ceremony held in Tai Temple Art Museum 

In the occasion of the arrival of the May 1 International Labor Day, the "China Dream Labor Beauty - 2017 Grassroots Worker Paintings Exhibition" jointly organized by the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions and the Central Academy of Fine Arts was held from April 29 to May 6 City People 's Culture Palace Palace Temple Art Museum. May 5, the exhibition of the exhibition works collection ceremony held in the temple art museum. Beijing Municipal Industrial (National Defense) Chairman of the Trade Union Zhou Yuzhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Shaojun, secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Labor and Culture Palace Chen Huiping, director of the collaborative office of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, executive director of the temple art museum Yue Jieqiong, executive vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Shujie, director of the School of Party branch Wang Yingsheng and other leaders jointly issued to the teachers and students on behalf of the collection certificate.

In his speech, President Zhou Yuzhong said that this year was the third year of the creation of the "Dream of Chinese Dreams" by the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Through the elaboration of the teachers and students of the Academy, Grass-roots workers work scenes, sweat pay, mental outlook and ingenuity to create, show the style of workers, promote the spirit of labor, the spirit of labor, craftsmen spirit. On behalf of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, he expressed his gratitude to the Central Academy of Fine Arts for the well-organized and orderly arrangement of this event, and paid tribute to the model workers and front-line workers.

Wang Shaojun, deputy secretary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts on behalf of the Central Academy of Fine Arts will be part of the exhibition works donated Temple Museum of Art Museum collection, he said the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions held the activities of the students and teachers have the opportunity to go to the grassroots level, into the labor scene, into the workers and the masses, The work of the workers on the front line of the style, and the results of the show to the community, and write a moving song of the workers, reflecting the art of serving the people of the purpose, he held the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions theme of the activities of the point of praise.

Since its inception in 2016, the "China Dream and Labor Beauty" series has been widely regarded and welcomed by the workers and the community. Through the organization of grassroots sketches, exhibitions, grassroots tours and other activities to make this event become the temple museum project. In 2017, the series of activities of "China Dream and Labor" was carried out in the field of "Beijing Artisan Artists" in Beijing, and the theme of "artisan spirit" and "labor situation" went to Jinyu Group Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd. , Beijing Benz Motor Co., Ltd., Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group companies to carry out field painting, through the Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor, sketch, sculpture and other different art media, with artistic works reflect the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of excellence, the spirit of excellence, The spirit of the spirit of the grassroots workers to reflect the spirit of the grassroots workers, the grassroots workers to use the work for the realization of the Chinese dream tiles, unity and struggle to create a positive life of the positive energy.

Artists through in-depth exchanges with the workers, combined with on-site experience and understanding of the spirit of the work, created a number of diverse forms, full of artistic expression of passion works. In order to show the results of the grassroots workers' sketching activities more fully to the society, so that the community to enjoy the spirit of contemporary labor and grassroots workers style, nearly 100 works through the exhibition wall and booth display, sketching photo display, documentary circulation, Grass-roots tour and other forms, so that the audience from a variety of angles feel the beauty of workers, the beauty of labor scenes, the spirit of labor.

It is reported that the Temple Museum of Art into the Central Academy of Fine Arts 35 teachers and students of nearly 50 boutique, works cover oil painting, sculpture, Chinese painting, watercolor, sketch and other major categories. Beijing City labor model, the national non-material cultural heritage "Beijing for" furniture heritage, Beijing Arts and Crafts Master Liu Gengsheng, Beijing Municipal People's Cultural Palace, director of the Museum of Art Temple, Li Peng, deputy secretary of the Cultural Palace, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Xu Yuhong , Deputy director of the Cultural Palace Li Ying, Central Academy of Fine Arts Department of sculpture, deputy director of the Department of sculpture Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology deputy director Chen Ye and other leaders and guests, teachers and students on behalf of nearly 60 people attended the event.

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