Binzhou University News and Events

The school held a first-class discipline construction work scheduling meeting

On May 10, the first-class discipline construction work scheduling meeting was held in the third lecture hall of the school hall, and the party committee member and vice president Zhang Yecheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. The leaders of the first-class disciplines, the leaders of the disciplines, the secretaries of the disciplines and the relevant personnel of the research institutes attended the meeting. 

       Zhang industry reward in the speech fully affirmed the first-class discipline construction work since the start of the achievements, and the next step to carry out the work of the hope and requirements. He stressed that the head of the first-class discipline construction and discipline (surgery) leaders should be based on the transformation and development of the school, the characteristics of the overall situation, and earnestly assume the duties and mission of discipline construction; to seize the focus of work, identify entry points and breakthroughs, early To solve the problems encountered in the construction of bottlenecks encountered, as soon as possible to produce landmark results; to focus on strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation, good results transfer transformation, and continuously enhance the level of construction and academic influence; to innovate the organizational model, improve the assessment system, Scientific research funds use management, strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, to build a scientific and standardized long-term operation mechanism, to further enhance the endogenous power, and truly play a first-class disciplines in scientific research and construction work in the leadership and demonstration role.

       At the meeting, the first-class academic leaders to carry out the work carried out the exchange; research institutes responsible for the discipline construction work carried out the next step.

Dongying City Education Delegation to the exchange of student funding work

 May 10, Dongying City Board of Education Student Education Management Center Director Song Haiying led Dongying Vocational College, China University of Petroleum Victory College, Dongying Institute of Science and Technology delegation of four people to exchange student funding work, our school party committee member, vice president Li Weinian Warmly received the guests. 

       Li Weinian expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation, and introduced the construction and development of our school in recent years, especially the work of student funding, from the aspects of school history, running ideas, teaching and scientific research. The relevant person in charge of the student work department has made a special report on the help of special hardship students, the special education activities, and the construction of the funding team. Song Haiying spoke highly of the development achievements and experience of the students' work and hoped to continue to strengthen the in-depth exchanges and cooperation with our school. 

       The delegation also visited our school student support management center.


The thirteenth session of the school's mental health education activities opened

On the morning of May 10, the opening ceremony of the 13th College Students' Mental Health Education Month was held in the second lecture hall.Party committee member and vice president Li Weinian attended the opening ceremony, and with the Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Office of Academic Affairs, Youth League, student work office by pulling the crystal ball opened my school thirteenth college students mental health education month activities curtain.  

       Li Weinian stressed in his speech that the year of organizing mental health education was an important measure to comprehensively carry out the spirit of ideological and political work conference in the whole province and the province, and to promote the work of college students' mental health education to a new level. We should fully understand the importance and urgency of doing the work of mental health education for college students, strengthen the construction of psychological crisis prevention and intervention system, the construction of college students' mental health education work team and the organization and leadership of college students' mental health education, improve students' self- Self-adjustment ability, to promote college students to cultivate a good personality psychological quality and sound personality. 

       At the meeting, the student work department responsible person to convey the thirteenth college students mental health education activities program; college students mental health education month instructor representatives, college students mental health association student representatives were made speeches. 

       The leaders of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Communist Youth League, the Student Affairs Office, the Counselor and the Counselor of the Counseling Center, the heads of the students in charge of the departments (departments), the student chiefs, counselors and students representing nearly 500 people formula.

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