Yunnan University of Finance and Economics News And Events

  • The Delegation from Charles Sturt University Visited YUFE

On the afternoon of March 19th, Emma Steinke, Manager for Overseas Project of Charles Sturt University led a delegation to International Cooperation and Exchange Office of YUFE. Deputy Director Wang Zhihui from International Cooperation and Exchange Office and Vice Dean Pan Xuedong from International Business School held a conference with the delegates.

The visit of the delegates from Charles Sturt University is to deal with registration issue of students in the Sino-foreign cooperation program conducted between YUFE and Charles Sturt University and also to make a discussion aimed at optimizing the management of this program.

Deputy Director Wang Zhihui made some suggestions on possible short-term student exchange program to delegates from Charles Sturt University. Emma expressed her interest in this kind of program and hoped to launch bilateral exchange programs for Australian students to participate in credit exchange program in YUFE.

During the conference, both sides made further discussion about the form and expenditure of the bilateral student exchange program, together with relevant issues of the coming Charles Sturt University Presidents Conference. Delegates from Charles Sturt University said that they would arrange the agenda for the program which students in YUFE were involved in and would keep in touch with YUFE to accelerate the conduction of the program.

  • A Delegate from London School of Business and Management(LSBM) Visited YUFE

On the morning of March 20th, Frederic Vuillemot, Director for Business Development of London School of Business and Management(LSBM) came to visit YUFE. Deputy Director Wang Zhihui, Chief of International Project Division Luo Yongjian and Project Supervisor Li Hongmin from International Cooperation and Exchange Office held a conference with the delegate.

Situated at the center of London, London School of Business and Management(LSBM) is a private college affiliated to the University of Northampton. This is the first time that the delegate from LSBM has visited YUFE, which aims at establishing bilateral relations and exchanging views on 3+1 degree program for undergraduate.Frederic Vuillemot briefly introduced the faculty quality, disciplines, resources superiority and current educational cooperation projects of LSBM, and he mainly recommended the 3+1 degree program for undergraduates.

Both sides made a thorough discussion on entry requirements, tuition fees, majors, linking-up of courses and some other aspects of 3+1 degree program for undergraduates. Frederic Vuillemot mentioned that students in YUFE who went for study in LSBM through this program could receive the bachelor’s degree from the University of Northampton if only they completed targeted courses and met with graduation requirements. 

Meanwhile, relevant preferential policies and scholarships would be available to students from YUFE.Deputy Director Wang Zhihui hoped to launch practical cooperation with the University of Northampton and London School of Business and Management after signing the memorandum. She suggested both sides begin with the pilot major as soon as possible, draft collaborative agreement on the project and specify issues about courses, scores, tuition fees and degrees, thus facilitating the conduction of this project.

  • YUFE Joined in Honghe Higher Education Alliance

From January 9th to 11th, the First Honghe Basin University Presidents Forum and the ceremony of the establishment of Honghe Higher Education Alliance were held in Honghe University, Mengzi City, Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe. Presidents and scholars from seven Chinese universities and five Vietnamese universities were present, including Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology,Yunnan University of Nationalities, Yunnan Agricultural University, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Dali University, Honnghe University,Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi Agricultural University, Hanoi Cultural University, Hung Vuong University and LaoCai Normal College. Song Guangxin, Vice Director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Ruan Zhengsheng, Consul General of the Consulate General of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Kunming, Qi Jianguo, Vice Chairman of Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Association and former Chinese ambassador to Vietnam, and Du Jinsen, former head of Vietnam Institute of Chinese Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Science, attended this forum and gave speeches.

Song Guangxin, Vice Director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, thought this forum would help to break the developing bottleneck of Sino-Vietnamese higher education cooperation and make education and scientific research become parts of the researches in Honghe basin. And he pointed out that Yunnan Provincial Department of Education supported universities to conduct mutual cooperation. This University Presidents Forum established a regular and systematic system between Sino-Vietnamese universities, especially universities in Yunnan and Vietnamese universities, improved regional competitiveness and influence of higher education and expand Sino-Vietnamese exchange and cooperation.

  • Vice President Yin Hong Led a Delegation to Yunnan Agricultural University for Educational Internationalization Exchange

On the afternoon of December 25th, Vice President Yin Hong led a delegation consisting of staff members from International Cooperation and Exchange Office of YUFE to Yunnan Agricultural University (YAU), exploring educational internationalization. Vice President Tang Ying and staffs from International Cooperation and Exchange Office of YAU gave a warm reception to the delegates. This was the first revisit of YUFE since YAU had paid a visit in November.

Vice President Tang Ying expressed welcome to the visit of YUFE and made a brief introduction to settings of departments, quality of faculty, features of disciplines, employment of graduates and some other aspects. Then, Deputy Director Zhu Yaoshun focused on the conduction of international cooperation and exchange programs of YAU, as well as the progress and experience obtained in recent years. He also answered questions proposed by delegates from YUFE. Both sides made a thorough exchange on some specific issues, such as application for Sino-foreign joint education, recruitment of foreign students, employment of foreign teachers and application and hosting of international conferences. 

Vice President Tang Ying suggested that YUFE had rich experience and notable progress in many aspects of international cooperation and exchange, especially in Sino-foreign education, foreign students’ management and recruitment, which could be instructive. Vice President Yin Hong claimed that some disciplines and scientific research progress of YAU enjoyed high renown both at home and abroad, and its advantage in international cooperation of scientific researches was helpful for YUFE. Both sides agreed to further communication and cooperation to enhance mutual development.

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