Yunnan University of Finance and Economics About Yunnan University Of Finance And Economics, Bachelor'S Degrees& Business Administration 

YUFE was established as the Yunnan Financial Cadres Training School in early 1951. Its goal was to train Communist Party officials in basic financial and accounting management skills. In 1958 the school was combined with four other training institutions to become the Yunnan Institute of Finance and Trade (YIFT). During the Cultural Revolution the school was shuttered for seven years, not fully resuming operation until 1978.

 The following year the provincial government announced a plan to transform YIFT into a full-fledged institution of higher education, extending its offerings to four-year bachelor's degrees.In 1998, the People's Government of Yunnan Province announced a plan to merge the Yunnan Economic Management Cadres College with the Yunnan Institute of Finance and Trade. 

In 1999 the institution was awarded full university status, and renamed the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.It is a comprehensive university with programs in economics, management, law, philosophy, liberal arts, natural science and engineering education. The university is accredited to offer bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and Doctoral degrees.The university has a total of 17 teaching department, including the School of Finance, School of Business Administration, and the International Business School. It has a total 28 undergraduate specialties. This also consist of eight provincial key disciplines and four provincial key subjects.YUFE has four first class disciplines in theoretical economics, applied economics, management, science, engineering and business administration. 

There are other 40 second-class disciplines which the university can confer grant Masters` degrees at YUFE.The university has over 12,000 full-time students (undergraduate and graduate). The total number of students is approximately 24,000, including part-time students, foreign students and mature age students. The faculty of YUFE comprises over 1,300 faculty members including 787 full-time lecturers. Among them, there are more than 300 professors or associate professors and 70 Doctors. YUFE also hired 10-20 foreign expert teachers who teach English language classes and business classes in English.

 In terms of international cooperation, the university has established steady communication and cooperation with over 80 universities from 30 countries/regions, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, etc., building a stage of multiple functions for culturing international human resources of versatility. The teaching staff of the university comprises over 1000 lecturers, associate professors and professors of high degrees (postgraduate degree being minimal request) and rich teaching experiences. Currently speaking, the number of registered students in all programs exceeds 32,000, among which 2,168 are working for master degrees and about 700 are from overseas. Students graduated from the university have come to possess solid professional knowledge and application ability and are capable of working in state institutions, state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises. 

The university is capable of offering effective service to teaching and learning with its well-built infrastructure and modernized technological equipment’s. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia, spacious and bright. The university has a five-floor library building, digitalized and modernized, and collecting 1.87 million books. Teachers and students have access to all of the resources and can communicate with each other therein. The university has modernized multi-functional gymnasium and natatorium for teachers and students to exercise and have fun. The campus, covered in trees, is beautiful, clean, cozy, and safe. Traffic is convenient, life is easy, and the Internet is finger-tip away.

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