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  •  12 experts for more than 400 clinical teachers to provide "nutrition package"

The school held a clinical teacher teaching ability to enhance the seminar at the same time to carry out clinical teaching demonstration ward project acceptance

May 5 to 7, 2017 clinical teaching demonstration ward project acceptance and clinical teachers teaching ability to enhance the seminar in our school campus school campus academic lecture hall, vice president Cao Jianming attended the openingceremony and speech. From the province and outside the 38 affiliated hospitals, teaching hospitals, internship hospitals more than 400 clinical teachers to participate in training .

Training classes in the classroom teaching reform, clinical see practice teaching and clinical simulation teaching three special , from Fudan University, Sichuan University, Nanjing Medical University, Southern Medical University, Zhejiang Normal University and other units and my school of 12 experts to do the special report , For clinical teachers to provide a wealth of " nutrition package . 

" During the training period, there were also activities such as teaching rounds , clinical teaching evaluation ( MINI-CEX, DOPS) and clinical skills center construction . The training activities to the problem and demand-oriented , integration of seminars, group discussions and exchanges and other forms of interaction, in the renewal of the majority of clinical teaching ideas, to enhance teaching skills at the same time, combined with continuing education, by the training staff welcome .

In the afternoon of 5, held in the clinical teaching demonstration ward project review meeting, the 2015 declared 10 ward all through the acceptance, which affiliated second hospital , child care children 's hospital children's respiratory area was rated as excellent clinical teaching demonstration ward The After the meeting, the assessment experts , Tongji University Tongji Hospital pediatrician Qiao Xiaohong special report, for clinical teaching demonstration ward construction guidance.

Medical teaching cooperation to deepen the reform of clinical medical personnel training, teaching staff construction is the key , clinical teacher training is to improve the ability of clinical teachers to teach an important way. As an important part of the "Year of Teaching Quality" , the school will carry out many training sessions this year to help the clinical teachers to update their teaching ideas and enhance their teaching ability , so as to lay the foundation for continuously improving the quality of personnel training .

  •  Our school held the 2016 Annual Students' Commendation Conference and commemorates the 95th Anniversary Choral Competition

On the evening of May 4, our college students' commemoration ceremony and commemoration of the 95th anniversary chorus competition were held at the student activity center. School leaders Lvyi Jun, Lv Haipeng, Wang Liangxing, Cao Jianming, Jin Shengwei, Wang Jihong, Zhang Huajie attended, the relevant departments, college leaders and teachers and students on behalf of nearly 3,000 people attended the event.

The General Assembly held a college student innovation and entrepreneurship work and advanced individual students, collective awards ceremony for all types of advanced students in a typical recognition.

Deputy secretary of the party committee secretary Lu Yijun to the recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals to congratulate the young friends to the festival greetings and good wishes, and my school students in innovation and entrepreneurship, volunteer service, social practice, cultural construction and so on Of the affirmative. 

He said that the struggle of youth, always with the fate of the country and the nation are closely linked, youth is the country and the nation's hope and future. He hopes that the students will be lofty, firm ideals and beliefs, earnestly study and comprehend the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the theme group activities of China University of Political Science and Law, will be determined as a prerequisite for all the beginning, determined to do great things. To study hard, to lay a solid foundation, cherish the youth time, hard study, sensitive knowledge, "like a sponge to draw water as knowledge." We must cultivate the virtues of self-cultivation, strengthen the mission to play, cultivate the noble ideological quality and establish the feelings of the country, in promoting the national progress, promote social development, leading the era of fashion in the forefront.

Subsequently, the wonderful performance of the College Students Troupe opened the "Youth Happy Nineteen high regiment with the party" to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the chorus of the prelude. The chorus aims to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth, the combination of youth strength, divided into "family feelings of youth more profound" "towering years of youth Yongzhuang" "to revive the dream of youth" three chapters. 

12 colleges composed of 10 chords on the same stage of competition, they are full of energy, singing loud and clear, the youth style show most vividly. Beautiful and vigorous "Dayu Memorial Song" vivid interpretation of the spirit of Dayu flood control and its excellent character; "Dragon's descendants" "country" to express the national pride and patriotic feelings ... ... chorus end, "singing the motherland" melody Once again sounded, in this happy high-pitched song, the event ended successfully.

Scene, was named "beautiful medical adults," Xu Mei said: "This recognition of the General Assembly so that I feel deeply, young is our capital, we have to shoulder the responsibility." Laboratory of Medical Sciences, College of Life Sciences "The chorus game is very exciting, and after hearing these high - rise songs, there is a feeling of blood boiling, very encouraged."

  • "Chinese Journal of Optometry and Visual Science" by the CSCD source journals included in the core library

Zhejiang provincial colleges and universities a total of 2 journals selected.

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Document Information Center published 2017 - 2018 Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) source journals, our school "Chinese Journal of optometry and visual science" following 2015-2016 years later,re- selected the database Core library , marking the magazine in leading, promote the academic development of the industry played an important role.

"China Eye Optics and Visual Science magazine" to optometry and visual science as the main content of the report, has been committed to the discipline of the latest research results and progress, accurate positioning, distinctive, is the only one eye Journal of Optics and Pharmacy (Chinese Edition). According to the latest data show that China's magazine in 2015 the impact factor of 0.649, ranking the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the academic journals fourth.

CSCD was founded in 1989, is China's first citation database, including China's mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, biology, agriculture and forestry science, medicine and health, engineering, environmental science and management science and other fields published in English and Chinese science and technology Core journals and outstanding journals more than a thousand species, widely used in scientific research performance evaluation activities, with the discovery of China's important research results of the navigation , known as "China's SCI."CSCD source journals selected every two years, each selection are based on the use of scientific citation database quantitative evaluation and employ domestic disciplines in the field of qualitative assessment of the combination of methods. 2017 - 2018 CSCD included 1229 kinds of journals, including 201 English journals, 1028 Chinese journals , 885 and 344 journals in the core and extended libraries , respectively.

It is reported that the provincial colleges and universities only two journals were CSCD included.

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