Wenzhou University News And Events

  • Wenzhou Enterprises Participating in Mumbai Commodities Fair Get Government Subsidies

The India exhibition promotion event held yesterday announced that the second edition of Wenzhou Export Commodities Fair (an event of the “China Homelife India” fair) will be held in Mumbai, India in November 20-22. Participating enterprises from Wenzhou will get subsidies for the exhibition fee in full amount from the municipal government. Commodities of machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, low-voltage electrical appliances and leather will be exhibited in a total of 300 standard booths in the exhibition area of 10,000 square meters.

At the promotion event, Mr. Binu, the chief operating officer (COO) of the fair organizer Meorient International Exhibition, focused on the introduction of India’s trade environment. As an Indian, Mr. Binu knows the Indian market very well. According to him, India is the procurement hub of the South Asian market and is the world’s largest emerging market with a population of 1.21 billion consumers. Mumbai is India’s largest commercial center and a major port. Currently, market prospects of plastic machinery, packaging machinery and other products are very good in India. Wenzhou has the powerful production capacity of such products and Wenzhou-made commodities are very much to the taste of Indian consumers.

According to Yin Wenru, Director of Foreign Trade Division of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the municipal government is the sponsor of the Wenzhou Export Commodities Fair (Mumbai). As the fair is a government-sponsored event and is categorized as one of the key exhibitions supported by the municipal government in 2014, the government is to provide a 100% subsidy for booth fee. In other words, exhibitors can participate in the event for free. The fair will set up the investment negotiation area, trade matching area and project promotion area for the first time. Invitations of the event have been given to 10000 merchants mainly from Mumbai and other places around India.

According to Wenzhou customs statistics, from January to August this year, the city’s volume of exports to India amounted to 2.03 billion yuan, marking a year-on-year increase of 0.8%. The major products exported to India include synthetic leather, artificial leather, circuit switching, glasses, faucets, cocks, valves and other products. 15 Wenzhou businessmen visited India on a market research tour in June found that electronic products, alternative energy products , high-tech products and other technology-intensive products have great potentials in the Indian market.

Statistics suggest that 95 Wenzhou companies exhibited their products in 135 booths in the 1st Wenzhou Export Commodities (Mumbai) Fair 2013. The site turnover reached 1.086 million USD, the intended turnover 18.17 million USD and the cumulative turnover 19.256 million USD. According to the feedback of the exhibitors, buyers of the fair were professional as expected and all of them had a very strong willingness to purchase commodities and establish long-term cooperation relationships with Wenzhou manufacturers after negotiations.

  • South Korean Media Reports on the Cooperative Program between Chosun University and Wenzhou Yuexiu School

At 9 p.m., Feb. 17, News Channel of KBS, one of South Korea’s three main TV stations, reports on the “South Korean Language Class” cooperatively run by Chosun University and Yuexiu School in Longwan District.

It has been many years for Wenzhou and the South Korean city of Kwangju to be friendly cities. The two cities have yielded obvious results in the cooperation of school management. Director Park Ju-sung of Chosun University fully affirmed the achievements of educational cooperation between the two schools in recent years, and showed that Kwangju Government and Chosun University would continue to support the in-depth cooperation between the two schools.

China-South Korea International Class of Yuexiu School in Longwan District is a base for training quality students for Chosun University. It is the first South Korean language class that Chosun University has set up among high schools in China. So far, three batches of Yuexiu students have gone to Chosun University for further education. On the basis of cooperation, Yuexiu school has advocated and successfully hosted two sessions of “South Korean Language Non-profit Class” for the society, which has won high appraisals from the trainees and the society.

It is also learned that Yuexiu school has successfully launched cooperative programs between China and Japan, China and Singapore, and Wenzhou and Taiwan. It adamantly marches toward the goal of being Asia’s study-abroad center and is dedicated to creating opportunities of overseas study for Wenzhou students.  

  • Li Qiang Attends Provincial On-the-Spot Meeting for Harnessing Five Waters

CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government held on February 26 the on-the-spot meeting for “Harnessing Five Waters” in Jinhua. Li Qiang, deputy secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and governor, stressed that “Harnessing Five Waters” was a major strategic decision to treat environment, promote transformation and improve people’s livelihood. He required that all localities and departments should implement the decision from a global and strategic perspective and tackle difficulties in “Harnessing Five Waters” with a common understanding, vigorous actions and firm resolution.

Wang Huizhong presided over the meeting. Cheng Weishan, Xiong Jianping, Wang Jianman, Huang Xuming and Chen Jiayuan attended the meeting. The on-the-spot meeting for “Harnessing Five Waters” was held as a videoconference, and over 10, 000 participants attended the meeting at the main meeting room or branch meeting rooms.

  • Korean Governmental Agency Promotes Saemangeum Investment in Wenzhou

 Recently, “China (Wenzhou)-Korea Saemangeum Investment Promotion Seminar” co-sponsored by the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Saemangeum Development Agency of South Korea (Republic of Korea, ROK) was held in Wenzhou. During the event, Kim Chae Gyu, head of the Investment Strategy Bureau of the Agency and officials of the Korea Trade-Investment Agency briefed about the development projects in Saemangeum and exchanged views with the participating representatives of local enterprises.  

The ROK government plans to phase in a China-ROK Economic Cooperation Zone covering an area of 25.8 square kilometers between 2015 to 2020 mainly for the production of export products for the Chinese market. Priorities of investment attraction will be given to motor vehicles and parts manufacturing, machinery production, parts and materials, chemical industry, research and development technology-based industries, as well as hotels, villas, theme parks and other recreational facilities. In addition, new energy, new materials, electronic communications, culture media, fashion, cosmetics and other industries are secondary priorities for development.

This year (2015), Wenzhou has been actively planning and promoting the construction of Korea-Zhejiang (Wenzhou) Industrial Park, seeking the further improvement of the trade and investment environment. At present, 48 Korean enterprises have established presence in Wenzhou while Wenzhou’s enterprises have invested in up to 10 projects in Korea. Semir’s acquisition of stakes in ISE, the leading E-commerce service provider in Korea, marks a new chapter in the cooperation between Wenzhou enterprises and their Korean counterparts.

 “Not long ago, Wenzhou also specifically issued the “Plan for the Layout of Korean Industrial Development in Wenzhou” and offered preferential policies in terms of land use and other matters for major Korean industrial investment projects in Wenzhou in an effort to actively create conditions to promote the multi-faceted cooperation with Korea.”

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