Wenzhou University Wenzhou University Accommodation


The Wenzhou University has three campuses: Chashan South Campus, Chashan North Cmapus, which are the two main campuses, and Xueyuanlu Campus. Apartment for International Students is in Xueyuanlu Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately 35 RMB/Day.

1.                  Students who arrive earlier have priority to get dorm

2.                  To rent off campus is allowed

3.                  24 hour check-in service

4.                  One week moving in before registration is allowed for those whose semester begins after Sep

5.                  Hotel in campus: Specialist Building at Southern campus

6.                  Pay by semester via cash or bank card


South Campus

1. Students who study Chinese language programs in Wenzhou University will be arranged to live in the Expert Apartment in the South Campus. 

2. The accommodation fee should be paid by semester via cash(RMB or Dollar) or Visa card.

3. Hotel inside the campus is available with the price of RMB160/day.

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