University of Jinan News And Events

  • Chen Mingfei, the Vice President of Zhanghua Normal University in Taiwan, Visited Our School

On April 5, Chen Mingfei, the vice president of Zhanghua Normal University, with his followers visited our school. Zhu Dejiang, the deputy secretary of the party in our school , met with them. People in charge of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and the relevant person in the School of Mathematical Sciences, the School of Physical Science and Technology, the School of Foreign Languages, and the School of Educational and Psychological Sciences attended the meeting and had a discussion.

Zhu Deqiang, the vice minister, extended a warm welcome to the guests of Taiwan. He briefly introduced the history of Jinan University, the characteristics of the subject, the professional distribution, the equipment of teachers as well as the achievements in teaching and scientific research and other aspects. He said that universities in Taiwan have great characteristics in terms of personnel training, faculty, and scientific and technological development, so the two sides have great room for cooperation. We hope that this visit will further strengthen the friendly relations between the two schools and increase the exchanges and substantive cooperation between them so as to achieve complementary advantages and common development.

Vice president Chen Mingfei introduced the basic situation and development status of Zanghua Normal University. In recent years, Zhanghua Normal University is developing into a comprehensive university and has achieved some good results, he said, Zhanghua Normal University has reached in the top 300 in 2016 "QS World University Ranking"of Asia , ranking the top 25 of colleges and universities in Taiwan. So it has a very good basis for cooperation with the University of Jinan and they hope they would further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation 
with the UJN in student training, teacher visits, scientific research and other aspects .

The relevant people of the School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Education and Psychology discuss the exchange of cooperation with the guests and they reached a number of preliminary intentions. After the meeting, the Vice President Chen Mingfei visited the library and campus, and expressed his appreciation for the modern management of the school library and the beautiful campus.

  • Dr. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans, Vice President of Glasgow Caledonian University Visited University of Jinan

On March 22, Dr. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans, vice president of Glasgow Caledonian University, visited our school. Wang Baoxian, vice president of University of Jinan, met the visiting guests. Relevant officials and teachers from International Cooperation and Exchange, School of Economic, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, as well as School of Resources and Environment joined the meeting.

During the talks, vice president Wang Baoxian has welcomed vice president Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans and briefly introduced the latest development of University of Jinan in recent years in teaching and scientific research and discipline construction. Vice President Wang Baoxian said, University of Jinan is a comprehensive university construction in Shandong province and the Ministry of education, with four subjects entering the world's top 1% ranked ESI, entering the Shandong province two first-class discipline construction ranks, which provides a good opportunity for the school to pursue the high level of university. University of Jinan and Glasgow with more friendly relations at the University of the long-standing, since 2009, the two schools have jointly bid for Sino foreign cooperative education project which is progressing smoothly, to a certain extent, leading to the development of internationalization of our school and providing a broad platform for teachers and students of our school.

Vice President Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans expressed great gratitude for the warm hospitality. She said that Glasgow Caledonia University paid much attention to the friendly exchanges with the University of Jinan, as a long-term partner, they do cherish the school cooperative education program with the University of Jinan and assigned the person in charge to revise training scheme for the major of Finance and engineering. At the same time, she hoped that both teachers and scientific research team could further strengthen cooperation to promote the harmonious development of the relationship between two universities.

During the talks, Relevant officials and teachers form International Cooperation and Exchange, School of Economic, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering and School of Resources and Environment talked about the specific implementation of the professional cooperation with foreign guests project. After repeated discussions, the two sides revised training program, teaching mode and course arrangement of foreign teachers. In the end, they reached a consensus and signed a cooperation project, laying a good foundation for the subsequent supplementary agreement of healthy development in the future.

Before the meeting, foreign guests visited our School of Economic, and had a discussion with the finance professional teachers and students related to Sino foreign cooperative education project, having a brief understanding of British teachers' teaching feedback last term from teachers and pupils and introducing the basic situation of Glasgow Caledonia University and the relevant information about exchange program for students.

  • The ESI Ranking in the UJN Steadily Improved

Recently,according to the latest data of the ESI(Essential Science Indicators), in all 22 disciplines,there 4 subjects in the UJN have entered 1% into the global top ESI ranking and respectively ranked 1544th and 85th in the world and in the comprehensive ranking of Chinese mainland universities, increasing by 237 rankings and 13 rankings compared with the data in the same period of 2016. Both of the comprehensive ranking of the ESI and the number of the disciplines in the UJN all continue to lead the other provincial universities.

Statistics revel that, compared to the data in the same period of 2016, the rankings of the four disciplines that entered into the ESI global ranking of the top 1% have increased to a larger extent. According to the specific ranking of this month: the total number of Chemistry is 630th in the world with his the threshold (the total cited frequency and ESI global corresponding threshold) is 2.83; the Material Science is 643th in the global with his the threshold is 1.36; the Clinical medicine is global 1548th with his the threshold is 4.48; the Engineering is 1144th with its threshold is 1.28.

The ESI database is updated every two months. The latest data was updated is March 9, 2017, which covered the statistics from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2016. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued "the approach to overall implement the world-class universities and first-class disciplines", marking the "double first" construction began to start. ESI is an extremely important reference to evaluate the first-class universities and the first-class disciplines .

  • Professor Chen Yuehui and Professor Sun Yuangong of University of Jian Once Again Entered the List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers

Recently, the world-renowned publishing company Elsevier issued the list of 2015 Most Cited Chinese Researchers. Chen Yuehui, Professor of Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing Technology of network environment in our university, Sun Yuangong, Professor of mathematics and science once again entered the List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers.

In 2016, the researching data of Most Cited Chinese Researchers came from its database Scopus.Scopus is the largest database index of Elsevier, providing the massive data linked with scientific activities of references, authors and research data, and as a result , making it possible to the scientific analysis and evaluation of Chinese scholars influence in the world 

The list included 1,776 Chinese scholars from 38 disciplines. Computer science selected 152 people, and Professor Chen Yuehui ranked in the top 75. Mathematics subjects selected 86 people, Professor Sun Yuangong ranked in the top 40.

Highly cited scholars, as the first author or corresponding author, their total number of subjects which cited in published papers in all Chinese (mainland) is in the lead. Being selected in the highly cited scientists list, which means the scholar's world-class influence in their field of study and great research contributions to the development of the field.

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