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  •  Professor Huang Yong Attends the Asia-Pacific Annual Conference

Professor Huang Yong from the School of Law at UIBE Attends the Asia-Pacific Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Protection and Antitrust

On May 17, Professor Huang Yong from the School of Law at UIBE attended the Second Asia-Pacific Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Protection and Antitrust in Seoul (Republic of Korea) with officials enforcing competition law, renowned scholars, senior executives of MNCs and representatives of famous law firms from America, the EU, South Korea and Japan, among others.

 Professor Huang participated in the discussion on “An International Perspective towards Competition Law” and exchanged his viewpoints on a series of topics, such as procedural justice in enforcing antitrust law, doctrine of international comity and guides on intellectual property protection and antitrust in South Korea with the former General Consultant of Korean Fair Trade Commission, the partner of Yonn & Yang Law Firm Cholsoo Han, Director of Competition and Innovation at New York University Professor Harry First and the partner of South Korean Yulchon Law Firm Sai Ree Yun. 


Professor Huang introduced the enforcement of antitrust law and the enacting of the Constitution and Guides in this regard, fundamental principles in enforcing intellectual property rights protection and antitrust, and the obstacles in the enforcement and legislation in China. 

 This annual conference was held by the worldly famous magazine Global Competition Review (GCR) and constituted the GCR—a frontline seminar that is held in multiple countries every year. Representatives from competition law enforcement agencies, scholars, lawyers from MNCs and economists attend the forum to discuss the breakthroughs in competition law enforcement and opinions from international agencies of competition law enforcement and EU officials.

  •  The 2nd Session of the Italian Public Speaking Contest Held at UIBE

The 2nd Session of the Italian Public Speaking Contest was held at the International Meeting Room of Chengxin Building, UIBE on May 21, 2016. The contest was jointly held by School of International Studies (SIS), UIBE and the National Institute of Italian Teaching and Research, and was co-organized by the Institute of Culture of the Embassy of Italy in Beijing and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. The theme for the contest was “On Happiness” with a variety of contestants, covering 15 universities that have the major of Italian Studies, such as Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Shanghai International Studies University.

Among the judges were such celebrated scholars as Maria Luisa, Specialist of the Institute of Culture of the Embassy of Italy, Professor Shan Dehai from the Italian Division of the China International Radio, and Professor Wu Zhengyi from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Keynote speeches were delivered by Tian Wenquan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the SIS, UIBE and by Zhang Yujing, Director of the Italian Study Department of SIS, UIBE and President of the National Institute of Italian Teaching and Research.

The Contest was divided into three parts: Prepared Speeches, Unprepared Speeches and a Q & A. During the Prepared Speeches, contestants delivered well-prepared, logical and content-rich speeches in fluent and standardized Italian, describing what happiness is in their minds and ways to gain happiness. The remaining two parts best illustrated contestants’ solid language knowledge and linguistic flexibility. The excellent performances of the contestants won the judges’ appreciation and displayed the high quality of Italian-language education at Chinese universities. At the end, the Special-class Prize was awarded to Liu Lei from Shanghai International Studies University and Wang Xuran from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Lv Ye and Yang Liying from UIBE won the Second Prize and the Best Style Prize respectively.

The media coverage of this contest was undertaken by the Italian Division of the China International Radio.

  • Zhang Xinmin, Vice-President of UIBE, Attends the 39th Academic Annual Conference of EAA


 UIBE News: From May 11 to May 13, Professor Zhang Xinmin, Vice-President of UIBE and also chairman of Foreign Academic Exchange Committee of Accounting Society of China(ASC), was invited to attend the 39th Academic Annual Conference of European Accounting Association (EAA), on behalf of the ASC. The Conference, an international convention held once a year by the EAA, has great global influence, attracting approximately 1,200 scholars from all around the world. Masstricht University School of Business and Economics, the co-organizer of the Conference, was established in 1984, having the most students and faculty among Masstricht 
University, and the overseas students in the School of Business and Economics occupies 60% of the total student body.

 Before the opening, Professor Salvador Carmona from Instituto de Empresa, President of EAA, met with Zhang Xinmin and had deep and friendly exchanges. Zhang introduced the basic situation of ASC and the development status, its schooling concept and international cooperation of the accounting science at UIBE. Professor Salvador Carmona spoke highly of the development of our accounting science, hoped to promote the academic and practical exchanges between EAA and ASC through the international academic network of our accounting science, and advocates to build a regular communication mechanism between EAA and ASC.

During the Conference, Dr Ann Vanstraelen from Masstricht University School of Business and Economics, President of the 39th Academic Annual Conference, and Zhang had a communication with regard to the academic exchanges between EAA and ASC, research horizon of China accounting issues and the development of the accounting science at UIBE. Ann spoke highly of our international schooling and the role of our accounting science in ASC, and hoped to pay a visit to UIBE someday. 

Zhang also attended the exchange meeting of representatives from accounting societies of various countries, organized by EAA. In the meeting, Zhang had a close talk with presidents of accounting societies of Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Scotland, among others, and had a deep discussion about cross-school academic exchanges, student exchanges and program cooperation on MBA, EMBA, DBA, among others.

Besides, Zhang, on behalf of the ASC, publicized China Journal of Accounting Studies (CJAS), an international academic periodical organized by the ASC. CJAS, whose ISSN is 2169-7213 (online), 2169-7221 (print), is a quarterly English academic journal organized by ASC and issued at home and abroad by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, an international academic publishing group. CJAS mainly publishes the original research results with regard to major accounting theories and practice in China and foreign countries. It is an academic platform to show China’s frontier research results of accounting theory, founded on the basis of Accounting Research, with higher positioning, better selection and stricter requirements.

  • Professor Ding Long from the School of Foreign Studies Attends the 16th Doha Forum

At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Professor from Ding Long from the School of Foreign Studies at UIBE attended the 16th Doha Forum from May 21 to 24 in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Over 600 representatives from more than 80 countries, regions and international organizations were present to discuss regional and global issues.

 A variety of topics were discussed at the forum, such as resolving Middle-East conflicts, the economic prospects of the Middle-East and other regional and international hotspots. Five heads of countries and international organizations attended the forum including the Emir (President) of Qatar, Foreign Minister Abdu, UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon and the Afghan President, and many political elites and scholars.

Since 2001 the Foreign Ministry Department of Qatar has held the Doha Forum many times, during which it has evolved into an international forum with great significance.     

During the session, Professor Ding Long communicated with experts and scholars from Doha Research Center of Brookings Institution and Qatar University regarding to the exchange and cooperation of think-tanks.

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