Beijing Normal University News and Events

The twenty-fourth Beijing University Student Film Festival Awards Ceremony was held in our university

April 23rd, the twenty-fourth session of the Beijing University Student Film Festival National Collegiate Photography ContestAwards Ceremony was held in the Northern Theatre. College students from all over the country more than 5100 people participated in this competition. There were more than 20K entries of the competetion. Xinhua news agency, China Pictures Group chairman and general manager Deng Jiuxiang, Dean of the College of Arts and media of our school Hu Zhifeng, the final contest judge Xinhua News Agency "photography world" magazine editor in chief Wu Di, deputy director of the photography department at Xinhua News Agency Ding Mei, attended the event. 

Hu Zhifeng said in his speech, in the era of everyone can take photograph, the focal point of photography is no longer mechanical equipment, but the original spirit, hope students can respect the original principle to art photography. Wu Di said that the participating entries were involved in a very wide range of topics, they also has the unique thinking of social phenomenon. From those one can see the university student photographers' youthful vitality and creative passion. The contest will be divided into four categories according to the theme: professional group, creative group, record group and mobile phone group. The award-wining works will be exhibited this month in the building of Art Gallery Exhibition. 

The policy consultation report written by Professor Li Shi of our university was approved by the vice premier of the State Council 

Recently, Professor Li Shi of our university economics and Business Administration School and Professor Yue Ximing of Renmin University of China co-authored the policy consultation report "on the rural subsistence allowances and filing targeting" was put to use by the State Council poverty alleviation and development leadership group and the expert Advisory Committee internal report. The report was also approved by the vice premier of the State Council.

Poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council expert advisory committee indicated in the “policy report employment notice”, “We hope you continue to carry out in-depth study of the theory of poverty alleviation policy to make suggestions contribute ideas for poverty alleviation".  

Our School Held the First Report of the Series Forum "Scholarly Cultivation" BNU Auditorium 

In April 12th, the first report of "Scholarly Cultivation" BNU auditorium was held in the lecture hall of the library. Qian Yi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, made a report entitled "The construction of ecological civilization and sustainable development". More than 300 teachers and students from various departments of our school attended the meeting. 

At the meeting, academician Qian Yi explained the construction of ecological civilization and sustainable development for students from three aspects: the origin and essence of sustainable development strategy; the birth and significance of ecological civilization; the effective approach of ecological civilization construction. She pointed out that everyone has the responsibility for the construction of ecological civilization, everyone should start from his/her own side, from the trivial, actively practice the "five development concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, try hard to form the new fashion of everyone, everything, always advocating ecological civilization. After the meeting, Academician Qian Yi conducted in-depth exchanges with teachers and students. All reflected that the report is far-reaching, rich in content, educational and inspiring after listening. 

Prior to the report, the school party committee secretary Cheng Jianping, deputy secretary of the party committee Li Xiaobing met with Academician Qian Yi. The undergraduate work office, graduate student office responsible teachers attended the meeting. Cheng Jianping expressed warm welcome to academician Qian Yi. He briefly introduced the original intention and purpose of our school held the lecture series of Scholarly Cultivation". 

In order to implement the spirit of national College Ideological and political work conference, to improve students' scientific literacy and innovation ability, motivate students' interest in scientific research, cultivate good academic standards, guide students to understand the important needs of the country and the international scientific frontier issues, to enhance their comprehensive quality, our school planned and organized the "academic self-cultivation" lecture series the brand of academic activities from the beginning of this semester. It invited academicians, senior professor of our school to give reports around the theme of academic frontier and science ethics. 

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