Beijing Normal University Accomodation


Beijing Normal University has three campuses: one is the main campus, in Haidian District; one is in Xicheng District, which is prepared for some Exceptional items; the last is in Changping District and still being constructed. Accommodation for International Students is in the main campus, the price varies from 50 to 150 RMB/Day. 

  • Book in advance

  • 24 hour check-in service

  • Rent outside campus is allowed

  • Move in before semetser begins is not allowed, but move in before registration is allowed

  • Pay by semester

The Main Campus

Degree students are accepted by Beijing Normal University in 19 Xinjiekou Outer St, Haidian, Beijing. Setting in N. 3th Ring Rd, living is convenient and comfortable. Language students are accepted only by No.2 International Students Dormitory. 

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