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Notice of Insurance for Freshmen Coming on September

According to regulation of Chinese Education Ministry, all of the international students who will come to China for study over 6 months must have personal insurances; otherwise students can not be enrolled as a student since September, 2008.

To carry out the regulation, Heilongjiang University will ask all of the international new comers who would like to study here over 6 months must have personal insurances. We can not to do the international student registration for the students that without personal insurance documentations. And we suggest the students who study here less than 6 months to have personal insurances as well. Students can purchase insurance at home or in China. We suggest students purchase insurance when you arrived at our university. If students purchased insurance at home, you should take the original copy of your insurance or take the copy of insurance documentations which have already been notarized and you need to contact with your insurance companies by yourselves. Students will take the responsibility of his or her insurance premium. Insurance premiums are RMB600/12 months, RMB300/6 months and RMB120/person/month in China. The personal insurance purchased by international students should be include hospitalization insurance, hospitalization insurance, hospitalization insurance and personal safety insurance which will caused in China. For further details see.

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