Tongji University News And Events

  • Law School Team Wins Champion of Accuser Groups in “Gold Gavel Cup” of Students’ Moot Court Contest

On 16th April, the 11th Gold Gavel Cup” of Students’ Moot Court Contest was held at Baoshan Campus of Shanghai University. Teams from 11 universities in East China joined the contest, including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China University of Political Science and Law, and Nanjing University. After one-day rounds of fierce competitions, Law School team won two awards, namely, Champion of Accuser Groups and Best Indictment. Besides, contestant YANG Xinyu won Best Style Award.

Prior to the contest, contestants spent up to one month making preparations, studying and making all-round research on cases in this moot court from facts to legal theories. Three professional teachers, YUAN Xiuting, ZHANG Taolue and ZHANG Weijun, in Law School gave detailed suggestions and guidance to the contestants. Due to sufficient preparation, contestants had clear thinking and logical discourses in the trial. Also, they were well-ground in proof and cross-examination, and they were calm and confident in court debate. Thus, they completely demonstrated that they were ready to be excellent lawyers.

  • Classic Light Music Concert

On the evening of April 18th, the Classic Light Music Concert was performed by the Shanghai Light Music Orchestra for teachers and students in Jiading Campus of Tongji University. Nearly 300 teachers and students attended the concert held at Lecture Hall 101 of Jiren Building in Jiading Campus.

A lot of world famous romantic light music including PM Eastern, Alicia and My Heart Will Go On was performed atthe concert. Audiences were totally attracted by the romantic and intoxicatingsound that the soul was unable to resist.Pure sense and exquisite melodypervaded in every note from start to finish. The sound was rich, delicate, gorgeous and clear too. The concert was an auditory feast where the audiences enjoyed high quality music and it ended with the theme song of the world classic musicalMamma Mia. Musical fusion between China and the West was perfectly presented at the concert, which evoked the audience’s feeling of beauty, memory of love and made them enjoy the fantastic romance in their hearts.

It is said that the Art Center will invite professional teams such as the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre to bring more wonderful performances for teachers and students during Tongji University’s 110th anniversary celebrations. Please look forward to it.

  • The Club Carnival Takes Place at Tongji University

On the evening of April 13th, the Club Carnival, which was co-organized by the Youth League Committee and the Association of Clubs of Tongji University, was held simultaneously in Siping and Jiading Campuses.

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Tongji University, various clubs of Tongji University simultaneously held this Club Carnival themed on “Tongji’s time with you in company”.It was through this carnival that a gift was presented to their alma mater. In the interactive activity part, each club brought new ideas, and through wonderful performances and interactions, it attracted over 2000 teachers and students to join in the fun.

The carnival this time integrated perfectly traditional culture with modern culture. The theme red lanterns that was seen everywhere and calligraphy with characters of core socialist values formed an atmosphere of Chinese civilization for students to enjoy. What’s more, the special activities of each club made each event surpasseach other in greatness. The 70 booths in two campuses brought the talents of all Tongji clubs and provided the teachers and students with a great carnival filled with education and entertainment as well as youth and vigor.

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