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Heroic Chinese Astronaut Jing Haipeng Visits BISU

On the afternoon of Apr. 25th, Chinese astronaut Jing Haipeng was invited to visit BISU and delivered a lecture as a guest speaker.  As the first astronaut in China to be assigned a space mission for three times, he shared his experience of space exploration and understanding of astronautic spirit. On behalf of BISU, Gu Xiaoyuan, Chairperson of University Council, met him and was also present at the lecture. Other attendees included Ji Jinbiao and Zhu Guanghao, Vice-chairpersons of University Council, as well as 900 teachers and students from all the departments/schools and the high school and primary shcool affiliated to BISU.

Before the lecture, Gu Xiaoyuan met with Jing Haipeng in Mingde Building and extended her warm welcome to his arrival. She said that as the university was found in 1964 with the support of China’s late premier Zhou Enlai and he also named it, the lecture is named after his byname Xiangyu. Xiangyu lecture series is designed as one of the brand activities of BISU in order to cultivate national pride and patriotism among the students. Gu Xiaoyuan also said that the university would like to use this lecture to make the students understand the development and achievements of China’s aerospace science and technology. As a response, Jing Haipeng said that his birthday and the anniversary of BISU are on the same day. He hoped to have an opportunity to learn foreign languages from BISU teachers and students. 

In Mingde Hall, Jing Haipeng gave his greetings to the teachers and students in Spanish and Portuguese as his opening speech, which was warmly applauded. During the lecture, Jing Haipeng told his three successful experiences of pursuing dreams – from “to be a basketball player”, to “to be a pilot” and then to “to be an astronaut” – of which he detailed the changes of his mentality during the ten-year course from 1998 to 2008 (he first performed the manned space mission) as well as the challenges he overcame in the training tasks. 

According to Jing Haipeng, the growth is an enduring process in which the individuals should strive to be their best selves and strengthen the determination to serve the country. As the Chinese astronaut, he told the teachers and students in BISU the secret of his success: a combination of dream, diligence, earnestness and determination.

At the lecture, Jing Haipeng interacted with the audience by telling what he had experienced in space and what he had encountered during the training process. After his talk, Vice-chairperson Zhu Guanghao sent Jing Haipeng an exquisite memorial book and a portrait drawn by the students. In the memorial book, there are 13 foreign-language versions of the award word given to him when he was awarded the “People Who Moved China”. All the versions were translated by the teachers and students in BISU, which was aimed to express their sincere respects to the astronaut. 

Jing Haipeng, the first astronaut in China to have successfully performed the space mission for three times (2008, 2012 and 2016), is deeply admired by the teachers and students in BISU. BISU always pays high attention to improving the quality of ideological and political education offered to the students. This lecture given by Jing Haipeng received many positive responses from the teachers and students.

Welcome Back to School, Our Former Foreign Teacher

On the morning of Apr. 17th, British expert Charlotte Goodhill who used to be a foreign teacher in BISU, led a delegation to the university.

On behalf of BISU, Gu Xiaoyuan, Chairperson of University Council, met the guests in Mingde Building. Chairperson Gu Xiaoyuan extended her warm welcome to Mrs. Goodhill who returned to BISU 50 years later, and noted that in the early years after the establishment of BISU, Mrs. Goodhill came to work in BISU as a foreign expert and contributed greatly to the talent cultivation. Chairperson Gu Xiaoyuan also hoped Mrs. Goodhill would pay further attention to the development of BISU and provide valuable information for the compilation of the school history.

Mrs. Goodhill expressed her gladness to have the chance to come back to BISU where she used to work and live. She said the two-year period when she worked in BISU is a memorable time, and she was deeply impressed by the learning attitude of students. She promised to note down her story in BISU and send it back after returning to Britain, which offers help to the compilation work of the school history.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the campus. British experts Terry Goodhill and his wife Charlotte Goodhill once worked in the English Department of BISU as foreign teachers from 1965 to 1967. By teaching language and compiling teaching materials with Chinese teachers, they made great contribution to the development of BISU.

A Delegation from Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan, Visits BISU

On the afternoon of Apr. 19th, Kanagatova Almagul, President of Almaty Management University, led a delegation to BISU, and they were met by Chairperson of University Council Gu Xiaoyuan in Mingde Building. Vice-president Li Xiaomu, and heads of academic and administrative departments were also present at the meeting.

During the meeting, Chairperson Gu Xiaoyuan introduced the basic conditions of BISU. She also said that BISU plays an active role in enhancing communication and cooperation with the univerities of countries along the Belt and Road. Almaty Management University is the first university in Central Asia to send a delegation to BISU for a visit. BISU is looking forward to cooperating with Almaty Management University in teaching, scientific research, talent cultivation and other aspects.

President Kanagatova Almagul said that Almaty Management University is recommended by Chinese Consulate-General in Almaty to cooperate with BISU and she expects to establish a partnership with BISU. She also noted that with an increasing number of students in Kazakhstan taking an interest in learning Chinese, the major of Business Chinese is to be set up in Almaty Management University. In this respect, it is hoped that BISU could offer support, thereby promoting Chinese in Kazakhstan. Afterwards, BISU Vice-president Li Xiaomu made a detailed introduction of the majors regarding management which are taught in BISU. He said that as these majors are the advantageous disciplines in both universites, a wide range of international cooperation would be developed in the future.

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