International Studies Of Universities In Beijing-Beijing International Studies University

Beijing International Studies University (BISU) is a renowned institution of higher education of multi-disciplines, offering subjects and courses of disciplines of literature, tourism management, liberal arts, management, economics, and law, with the foreign languages and literature as its dominant discipline and tourism management as its specialized discipline. It is an important base in China for the teaching and research of foreign languages, translation, tourism, and economics and foreign trade.BISU, founded in 1964 with the support of China’s late premier Zhou Enlai, was one of the first institutions in China that offered undergraduate education. In its history, BISU was once under the successive leaderships of China International Cultural Liaison Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, Ministry of Education and China National Tourism Administration. Today, BISU is sponsored by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality.  

With “Integrity, Diligence, Truth, and Leadership” as its motto, BISU has long dedicated itself to passing down eastern and western civilizations and cultural and educational exchanges between China and other countries. Students are inspired to learn from both civilizations and achieve the unity of knowing and doing, while its exceptional faculty is committed to offering students education in the spirit of humanities education. 

BISU is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, with The Central Business District (CBD) on its west and Tongzhou District, the subsidiary administrative center of Beijing, on its east. At present, BISU has nearly 10,000 registered students, including 6,100 undergraduate students, 1,300 graduate students and 1,000 international students. It is organized into 16 Schools, 7 departments and 3 supporting units. The school library has collections of over 1,080,000 volumes, about 1,010 current journals, and an extensive collection of electronic resources. The library has 44 Chinese databases, 45 foreign language databases and two databases established by itself.

In order to build BISU into a teaching-research university with a high level of internationalization, distinctiveness and popularity, BISU seeks to highlight the development of its two leading disciplines of Foreign Languages and Literature and Tourism Management, offer students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective, and produce graduates that are qualified for inter-cultural exchange and ready to make a difference on the world stage. It’s BISU’s goal to become a first-rate foreign studies university with global influence.

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