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President Weili Balati Delivered a Theme Report to XJNU Students

On March 1, President Weili Balati delivered a theme report titled Running, Loving and Integrating into the University, Be a Student Loyal to the University. Gulipali Abudula, the vice president, chaired the report. Over 18000 students in four campuses listened to the report either on the spot or through video webcast.

 Starting from historic development of the university and centering around such key words as “building scale”, “faculty resources”, “teaching achievements and plans”, “employment and talent cultivation” and “13th five-year plan”, President Weili Balati introduced development process, outstanding achievements and prospects in the future of XJNU and spoke highly of spirit of hopefulness and encouragement despite hardship displayed by both teachers and students. He encouraged the students to be responsible and become a useful talent to the society and our motherland. Students are inspired by the report, with sense of responsibility fired, and love and responsibility to the university strengthened.



Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University and the Trade Union Representative Assemblies Was Successfully Held

On January 16, 2016, the Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University and the Trade Union Representative Assemblies was solemnly opened at International Education Building. University leaders, including Weili Balati, Niu Ruji, Xue Hui and Gulipali Abudula, attended the opening ceremony. 155 formal representatives and 24 observer-representatives were present. Vice president Xue Hui chaired the opening ceremony.

President Weili Balati delivered a report titled Seizing Opportunity, Uniting Strength, Endeavoring for Progress, Drawing a Blueprint and Struggling for a High-Level Normal University. The report pointed out that during the 12th Five-Year Plan, under the leadership of Xinjiang Autonomous Regional Party Committee and Government, the university firmly bore in mind the theme of construction and development, centered on the working thought of “one goal, two emphasis, three priorities, four items of construction, five areas to break-through and six improvements set our for the 12th five-year plan”, and advanced implementation of three strategies, namely scientific development, harmonious campus and internationalization. Thanks to opportunities brought by new campus and school-running level promotion, university faculty was united to further optimize talent cultivation and structure of teaching staff. Doctor authorization unit had been approved, with student enrollment. Income from continuing education exceeded 100 million Yuan for four years in succession. Wenquan campus was put into use after first-phase construction was finished. With various goals and tasks set out for the 12th five-year plan accomplished, the university improved its school-running capacity, social contribution and overall influence, which paved way for a much higher level. Our university ranks the third on List of Top Universities in Xinjiang issued by Ai Ruishen China Alumni Association Network and the first in Xinjiang when internationalization level is considered. Among normal universities in China, it ranks 27. During Teacher’s Day in 2015, Zhang Chunxian, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, investigated our university and spoke highly of ethnic harmony and new campus building. According to the Report, doctoral program authorization helped the university upgrade school-running level. First-phase of Wenquan campus building expanded the university area. Faculty and education comprehensive reform clarified the university orientation. Approval of key projects and scientific research platform deepened university connotation construction. Xinjiang liberal arts base and key subject building highlighted the subject advantage. Last but not the least, Chinese international education promoted level of internationalization.

The Congress also heard Proposal Work Report for Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University delivered by vice president Gulipali Abudula, and 2015 Financial Work Report of Xinjiang Normal University by Xu Ke, director of Finance Department.

After the opening ceremony, representatives are divided into eight delegations and discussed on Report of the 12th Five –Year Plan of Xinjiang Normal University, 2015 Financial Work Report of Xinjiang Normal University, Work Report of the Eighth Trade Union Congress and Outline for Year 2016-2020 Education Reform and Development of Xinjiang Normal University.


Group Discussion and Successful Close of Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University

On January 16, 2016, representatives of the Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University, namely the Trade Union Representative Assemblies are divided into eight delegations and had an in-depth and heated discussion on Report of the 12th Five –Year Plan of Xinjiang Normal University, 2015 Financial Work Report of Xinjiang Normal University and Year 2015 Annual Work Report. University leaders, including Weili Balati, Niu Ruji, Xue Hui and Gulipali Abudula, attended discussions of each delegation, listened to their opinions and answered parts of questions raised by the representatives.

At various parallel sessions, centering on the Work Report, representatives performed democratic rights and discussed for university reform and development with a high sense of ownership and enthusiasm. They offered numerous proposals and suggestions for hot and troublesome issues from different angles, levels and aspects in a united and harmonious atmosphere. The second presidium conference was held during discussion, and head of each presidium summarizes and reports proposals and suggestions gathered from the representatives.

At 17:10, closing ceremony was held at International Education Building. University leaders, including Wu Wenwu, Weili Balati, Niu Ruji, Xue Hui and Gulipali Abudula were present. Secretary Wu Wenwu addressed a summary speech and President Weili Balati chaired the closing ceremony.

All delegates present at the Congress approved Resolutions on Report of the 12th Five –Year Plan of Xinjiang Normal University, Resolutions on 2015 Financial Work Report of Xinjiang Normal University and Resolutions on 2015 Annual Work Report of Xinjiang Normal University with vote.

At the congress, secretary Wu Wenwu summarized accomplishments achieved during the 12th five-year plan from seven aspects, namely strictly implementing work plan, fostering connotation construction, highlighting faculty and education features, living an austere life, being a “four good” teacher (good in responsibility, behavior, virtue and profession), safeguarding campus security and stability and consolidating Party building based on Xinjiang Economic Work Conference and after analyzing social and economic development in Xinjiang. He also arranged work in areas of reform, development and stability for the future.

At 18:00, the Third Session of the Eighth Faculty Congress of Xinjiang Normal University, namely the Trade Union Representative Assemblies, came to a successful close with passionate and majestic The Internationale.

Time waits for no man. Representatives are confident for next year’s work. After the Congress, they will continue to carry out spirit of the conference, unite in mind and action, and take the lead. Centering around central work of the university Party Committee, they will strive for a research-oriented, comprehensive and high-level normal university with distinct faculty and education features, being top in Central Asia and leading nationwide in many subjects and fields.

Summary and Commendation Meeting for Scientific Research Work of 12th Five Plan was held in XJNU

On November 27, Summary and Commendation Meeting for Scientific Research Work during 12th Five Plan was solemnly held in Kunlun Lecture Hall. Wu Wenwu, Secretary of school party, President Weili Balati, Vice Presidnts Niu Ruji, Wang Xiaofeng, Xue Hui and Gulipali Abudula were present at the conference and winners, backbone teachers, scientific secretary and leading roles of divisions attended this conference. And the conference was hosted by Secretary Wu Wenwu.

Secretary Wu Wenwu pointed out that this conference was not only the comprehensive summary of the achievements our school’s scientific research had got in the past five years, but also the main task of deploying the scientific research in the following period, which was significant to push our school’s scientific research into a new stage. Secretary Wu Wenwu emphasized that we must fully realized the significance of this conference and boost the scientific research into another glory through the whole efforts; and that we must truly catch hole of the great strategic opportunity of the development of scientific research, pay attention to the effectiveness and increase the practical contribution that scientific research services the development of local economy and society. Secretary Wu Wenwu also required that each school and department should seriously convey and implement this conference spirit and work together to push scientific research forwards.

At the conference, President Weili Balati made a speech titled “New Normalcy, New Goal, New Success of Recreating Scientific Research”, warmly congratulated winners on behalf of school party, and expressed sincere greeting and respect to the whole scientific research workers. President Weili Balati reviewed our school’s scientific research during the 12th Five Plan, objectively concluded the achievements and seriously analyzed the existing problems, putting forwards the basic thoughts and suggestions for further enhancing our school’s scientific research in the future.

Vice Presidnts Niu Ruji announced “Decisions about Commending Scientific Research Advanced Groups and Individuals”. The conference awarded the scientific research advanced groups and individuals during the 12th Five Plan and the awarded groups and individuals’ representatives made speeches.


The Delegation of "Silk Road Celebrities’ China Tour" Visited XJNU

Dean Liang Yun gave a special report on education conducted for international students. Then the delegation visited the Experiencing Centre of Chinese Culture in our university, learnt about the studying and living environment of international students, and watched the talent show presented by international students on Chinese zither, Calligraphy, Tea ceremony, Paper-cutting and Chinese Painting, etc.

At the end of the visit, a discussion was held among the delegation, the faculty and the students. On behalf of the university, Vice President Niu Ruji expressed a warm welcome to the delegation, and wished that, with this experience, they would understand more about both the One Belt and One Road strategy and the conditions and customs of Xinjiang, and make new contributions to strengthening the friendship between Turkey and China.

Members of the delegation also raised questions on the topics that interested them, which were answered by the faculty and the students present. The discussion was held in a totally exciting and harmonious atmosphere. After the discussion, Vice President Niu Ruji received an interview with Turkish NTV, and replied to the questions raised by the reporters on issues of major changes to Xinjiang brought by the autonomy of the region since 60 years ago, the relationship between Turkey and China, and the nongovernmental contact between the two countries, etc. The delegation members all spoke highly of the achievements we had made on education of international students in our university.


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