Shenyang Agricultural University News And Events

International Students Sing and Dance to welcome the New Year

On December 23rd, to enrich SYAU international students’campus life with colorful culture, adding cultural elements to promote internationalization of education at SYAU, the New Year Party was held by College of International Education for international students to celebrate the new year of 2017. Over 30 international students from countries such as Korea, Pakistan, Cameroon, and Nigeria joined in the celebration.

3rd Meeting of China-Russia Agricultural Cooperation Subcommittee held in Beijing

The 3rd Meeting of Agricultural Cooperation Subcommittee of the Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting was held in Beijing on Oct. 20, 2016. Vice Minister Qu Dongyu and Mr. Sergey Levin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, co-chaired the Meeting.

2016 Commencement Grandly Held

On June 26th, SYAU 2016 Commencement was grandly held in the Hefeng Multi-functional Gymnasium. SYAU leadership panel attended the ceremony including Chi Weiyi, CPC Secretary of SYAU Commission, Liu Guanglin, president of SYAU, Li Tianlai, vice president of SYAU, Lv Jie, vice president of SYAU, Wang Tieliang, vice president of SYAU, Wang Jicheng, vice president of SYAU, Jiang Xingwang, assistant president of SYAU, Zhang Zhengli, general affairs director and Du Jingshun, general treasurer of SYAU.

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