Zhejiang Ocean University News and Events

  • 2016 International Conference on Cephalopod Biology and Sustainable Fisheries was hold in Zhejiang Ocean University

On November 18thto 20th, 2016’International Conference on Cephalopod Biology and Sustainable Fisheries was held in China Fishery city,Zhoushan,hosted by China Society of Fisheriesand Zhejiang Ocean University, and supported by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC), Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation(ZJNSF). 

35 experts and scholars from the United States, Italy, Australia,French, Mexico, Japan,Brazil, UK, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina and China, attended the conference and made wordwide-front academic reports, aiming together for the protection and effective use of world cephalopod fishery resources.

  • Zhejiang Ocean University hosted "2016 International Ocean University Rector’s Summit"

During November 15-17, More than 80 leaders, experts and scholars from 24 Ocean universities of 11 countries and regions, including Israel, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, USA, Taiwan and China, got together in the beautiful Zhoushan Archipelago, and attended “2016 International Ocean University Rector’s Summit” hosted by Zhejiang Ocean University.

 The theme of this summit is “Collaborative Openness, Sharing and Opportunities, Outlook of Marine Higher Education”. Through Principles’ Speeches, experts’ reports, launching Zhoushan Declaration, proposing the establishment of cooperation mechanism of marine science and education in the East China Sea, and discussing the major issues of international marine higher education reform and mutually beneficial academic exchange platform, the summit has achieved a number of results. During the summit, Zhejiang Ocean University and the relevant universities signed constructive cooperation agreements.

  • Zhejiang Ocean University Was Successfully Nominated as “Zhejiang Characteristic University of Internationalization”

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department published the list of the construction units awarded “Zhejiang Characteristic University of Internationalization”, in which Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU) was successfully nominated of the Top 10 universities, including Zhejiang University.

In recent years, Zhejiang Ocean University has actively implemented the “Zhejiang 2010-2020 Development Plan of Internationalization of Higher Education ", and made remarkable achievements in international exchanges and cooperation. Therefore, It is very important and meaningful to be  one of the finalists to further enhance the process of internationalization and improve the schooling level, ZJOU will take this opportunity and strive to become a characteristic university of internationalization with a demonstration leading role in the universities of Zhejiang province.

  • The First Russian Language Level Test Center was Inaugurated in Zhejiang Ocean University

On May 29, the first Russian language level test center authorized by Russian official agency in Zhejiang Province, was inaugurated in Zhejiang Ocean University, named Zhejiang OceanUniversity Test Center of Russian Examination System, which meant that Russian learnersor lovers can participate in Russian level examination and do not need to seekfor another suitable one out of Zhejiang province in the future.

On May 30-31, 32 sophomore students of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering specialty of Sino-Russian joint undergraduate education, participated in the first Russian level I examination on campus, which conducted in accordance with strict standardized test language exam process. If the students pass the exam, they would not need to take pre-Russian learning but directly be access to studying in the Russian university.

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