Zhejiang Ocean University About Zhejiang Ocean University-Full-Time Ocean College

Zhejiang Ocean University Donghai Science and Technology College is a full-time college, which was newly established in January 2000 upon the approval of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. It runs under a private mechanism with the supporting of Zhejiang Ocean University. For the last few decades, it has developed into one of the distinctive characteristic marine schools in Zhejiang Province, and has attracted a large number of outstanding students from home and abroad.

The college is located in "Zhoushan Islands District, Zhejiang Province" which is the fourth new area in China. Zhoushan, the home to various landscape resorts as Zhujiajian and Putuo Mountain, is a wonderful area with superior geographical location. With a short distance of 31 kilometers to Putuoshan Airport, 300 kilometers to Shanghai and 84 kilometers to Ningbo, Zhoushan is thus characterized by convenient transportation.

The college has set up 8 departments (Divisions), at present it mainly has 6 key disciplines which are engineering, management, literature, economics and medical science, and 31 specialties that can offer Bachelor’s degrees. The school enjoys close partnership with international universities and/or institutes from more than 40 countries and/or regions, including the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Belorussia and Norway etc...

The College now has 14 laboratories, 31 internal and external training bases, 6 bases of college undergraduates innovative undertaking, one training base of International service for outsourcing talent in Zhejiang province, one practice base of Chinese language international education information technology, one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 8 provincial qualified teaching laboratories and one net-test center for the International Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK). It also has a total of 587,800 books and 994,000 e-books, 669 kinds of various types of Chinese journals and 55 types of newspapers.

Campus life, Service and Facilities

Embracing beautiful campus environment and International cultural atmosphere, the college is well equipped with facilities for living, entertainment and sports. Ornamented by a rich mixture of 35 student social groups, consisting of Student Drama Club, Tea Art Club, Traditional Chinese Painting Club, English Holic Association and College Students Art Group, campus activities are more than colorful.

Concerning educational facilities, the college is quite well-equipped. In addition to teaching building and laboratory building with full function, the musical instrument room, music room, painting room, stadium, natatorium, gymnasium and outdoor track and field can fully meet students’ demands in study, competition, fitness and entertainment.

Overseas Student Education

In the long run, the college is committed to conducting International student exchange and educational cooperation in various forms: it establishes a long-term cooperative relationship with University of the Incarnate Word and South Ural State University; it opens its door to overseas students who receive scholarship from either the Government of China, Zhoushan Municipal Government, foreign governments or other academic organizations, to exchange students and to self-funded International students; it launches a qualified teaching of Chinese as a foreign language; besides, its recruitment of overseas students, including the short-term, mid-term and long-term ones, covers the whole year.

Overseas students seeking education in the college are constituted of undergraduates, preppy, visiting students and language students. A comprehensive service of enrollment, registration, teaching practice and management as well as logistics is provided by Center for international exchanges and cooperation.

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