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We Are Broadcasters of China Radio International

On December 9th, two friends from Thailand, three friends from Latin America, teacher Fang and I were invited by CRI (China Radio International) to talk about how our life in Beijing is and our learning at BLCC. We were very amazed when we found that the man who took us into that huge building can speak Thai also. He also took us to visit their exhibition, which showed the history of CRI. Then we went to his office, everybody there were very friendly to us.

I felt very excited when the recording started. He asked us many questions, for example, why we chose to study at BLCC, what BLCC’s features are and our life here, etc. We’re very excited to talk about our experience, to tell them how happy we are and to let them know more about our BLCC. Besides, the three friends from Latin America also recorded their program to talk about their experiences at BLCC, and teacher Fang also introduced the history of our college, the course of our college and how to become a student of BLCC, etc. Our broadcast will be on air next month and I hope that we can listen to it together!

By Yi Wenshan 

Trip to Ju Yong Guan Great Wall

China is a long history eastern country. That has many beautiful and wonderful famous historic places. The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world — the longest wall in the world, an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery.

On the morning of October 18, 2015 150 students from BLCC went to a trip to The Great Wall with 4 buses accompanied by 4 teachers. The part of The Great Wall we went to is called JuYongGuan Great Wall. Which is the nearest section of the Great Wall to Beijing - a little nearer than BaDaLing that it connects to both these sections of Great Wall and protect the same natural pass through the mountain. JuYongGuan rises steeply each side of a fortified gate. Juyongguan is in the 18-kilometer long Guangou Valley. There is a temple and other attractions close by. JuYongGuan Great Wall also features some life-size Terracotta Warriors. JuYongGuan is one of the three greatest passes of the Great Wall of China. The other two are JiaYuGuan Pass and ShanHaiGuan Pass.

The Great Wall is very long and old. It has millions of bricks. Each brick is very big and heavy. It has beauty spots that provide enjoyment of the natural environment regardless of what season, from wonderful shrine and hot spring, to colorful blooming cherry blossoms; and much more I enjoyed in which I felt a home away from home experience, and worthwhile adventure.

While we were on the road we had a lot of fun watching those sceneries we passed. Bonding with friends; sharing each other’s experience and eating chips while inside the car. The road going to the mountain is really amazing; concrete and flat, you will not feel that you are climbing on the mountain. Once we got there everyone was excited not knowing that climbing The Great Wall will be challenging. A lot of people from different countries were there to climb the Great Wall on that day. We felt very tired when we climbed to the top of the Great Wall.

Climbing The Great Wall can be an exhilarating, rewarding and life changing experience. Although climbing The Great Wall can also be one of life’s greatest accomplishments, it is more than panoramic views, the satisfaction of reaching the summit, or a true wilderness experience. It is a great challenge that involves risk, danger, and hardship. Climbing is not for everyone, although some can find it irresistible, as well as frustrating. There are qualities to climbing that bring inspiration and joy in a pursuit that is more than a pastime or a sport; it is a passion and sometimes a compulsion. A distant view of The Great Wall may speak of adventure, but the mountains only hint at the joys and hardship that await the climber. The excitement overtakes it all because knowing that you are on top of is one of the greatest sights in the world is a great accomplishment. So on the behalf of all the students that attended the trip that day I want to say thank you to BLCC and four of our class teachers, for the great adventure.

BLCC goes to Beijing National Center for Performing Arts

The sun was about to set, roughly thirty students were waiting in line to get into the bus. It was a cool breezy evening and the students were ecstatic to see Beijing National Center for Performing Arts. Due to the unique architecture, many people remember this place as “The Giant Egg”. It is located near the Tiananmen Square. The outside is shaped like a dome and surrounded with man-made lake.

Audience would enter the building through the north gate located underneath the man-made lake. As the students scanned their tickets one by one went up to the second floor getting ready to enter the music hall. The concert started around 7.30 and the BLCC group was seated at the balcony on the third floor. The concert was opened with a Chinese anthems and the audience were all invited to stand up and sing along. The concert was more than a wonderful orchestra, but there were a fuse between the orchestra and other performing arts. Some of the many performance are: poem recitation, soloist, quartet, violin solo, choir, and a guzheng performance. The beautiful concert was closed with a patriotic song, Ode to the Motherland (歌唱祖國 – Ge chang zu guo), it was also known as the second national anthem of People’s Republic of China (LNW).

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