Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College Beijing Language and Culture University Postdoctoral Training

Beijing Language and Culture University, colloquially known in Chinese as Yuyan Xueyuan, has the main aim of teaching the Chinese language and culture to international students. However, it also takes Chinese students specializing in foreign languages and other relevant subjects of humanities and social sciences and trains teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. It used to be the only institute of this kind in China. After the push for massification of higher education starting in the 90's, nowadays many other universities in almost every major city in China have a similar offer. Thus bachelor, master or post-doc degrees in, "Teaching Chinese as a second language to Foreigners", as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in several foreign languages are no longer only to be found at BLCU. Beijing Language and Culture University is often called "Little United Nations" in China because of its very large number of international students from various countries.

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