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March 30, 2017 

Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC


 In accordance with the arrangements of the university and the teaching plan, the Qingming Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:

 April 1st (Saturday): Follow the schedule of Monday.

 April 2nd- April 4th (Sunday to Tuesday) a holiday, a total of 3 days.

 During the holiday, students should get permission from teachers if go to other places for traveling.

 Enjoy the holiday!

  • Student Union Chairmen Selection Meeting

March 17, 2017  

Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC

14th march 2017 afternoon 2 o clock: student union chairmen selection meeting was organized by FSAO .out of 6 nomanies one was choosen by the students of 2015session and 2016session by democretic voting.

The student union will act as a bridhe between the students and teachers.A Great step was taken by the university towards mutual management of the students present in campus  and students arriving in future and in.solving difficulties faced by the teachers and students mutually.

  • Regulations

March 7, 2017 

Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC

1.Littering from windows or balconies is extremely hazardous and therefore prohibited. To maintain public safety and environmental health, throwing objects from high place is strictly prohibited. Violators will receive deferred suspension and disqualification of accommodation. If anyone get hurt, the students will be expelled from the university as soon as they were discovered.

2.Cheating is absolutely forbidden in examinations. Once cheating is caught, the cheater's paper will be marked zero. The cheater will loss the qualification to get the scholarship. If worse cheating is caught, the cheater will be expelled from Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine immediately.

  • Dormitory Water Pump Issue

March 2, 2017 

Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC

Dormitory Water Pump issue : 2nd  March

The Problem with the water pump has been submitted to the water supply department of the university, the workers in that department are trying their best to solve this problem. Thus the students living in seven floor can go to 1 or 8 floor to get some water. Besides, our students should develop the good habit of storing water in advance .

1st Semester Date Sheet

March 1, 2017  Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC


Monday (6th March)


(7th March)


(8th March)


(9th March )





Chinese Comprehension Exam



5-6 2:00-3:40pm

Reading and Writing Exam

Chinese Speaking Exam

7-8 4:00-5:40pm

Chinese Listening Exam

Chinese Speaking Exam

Session 2016


1st Semester Date Sheet


-Exams will Begin from 6th of March 2017 till 9th of March.

-Students are advised to follow the weekly class schedule.

-No leave will be Permitted in the Exam week Unless Proven Seriously ill by the University Hospital .

-Examination will be conducted in the 7th floor Library Building class-room :708

-Any student found cheating will be dealt strictly according to the university rules and regulations.

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