Shanghai University News And Events

  • Secretary of the party committee Luo Hongjie led a delegation to visit Brazil & Argentina universities and research institutions

2nd – 9th April, 2017: Luo Hongjie (Secretary of the Party Committee) led a delegation to visit; Brazilian Campinas University, Brazil SER Education Group, the Argentine National Science and Technology Committee, Argentina Buenos Aires University and other famous Higher Education and Scientific Research Institutions. The visit laid foundations for substantive cooperation between Shanghai University and the Latin American countries. The delegation observed current economic & higher education situation in Latin American countries. The delegation also observed a strong relationship to emphasize on qualities and cooperation between both sides. The delegation included Wan Wanggen (Director, International Affairs Office), Guo Changgang (Executive Vice President of Graduate School) and Yao Jiacen (Deputy Director, MBA Center).

  • Zhang Yong, Dean of the School of Environmental Sciences, Shanghai University, signed the appointment ceremony

31st March, 2017: The appointment ceremony for Professor Zhang Yong (Dean, School of Environment and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University,) was held at New Lehu building, Shanghai University Baoshan Campus. Jindong Han (President, Shanghai University), school senators, Wu Minghong (Vice President), Qian Dongying (Central Union College Party Secretary) along with teachers and students attended the ceremony. The signing ceremony were presided over by Wang Junhua, (Minister of Organization Department of the Party Committee). Jindong Han (President, Shanghai University) issued a letter to Zhang Yong and wore a school badge for him. Student representatives of the School of Environmental Sciences also presented badge souvenirs. In the meeting, high-level university construction strategy and development was discussed, Zhang Yong will introduce international vision and ideas to the college with scientific and strategic vision, led the college in the "double first-class" construction journey for brilliant tomorrow.

  • Shanghai's large-scale enterprise innovation and development efforts to promote the school double-class construction - Shanghai Guosheng Group - Shang

30th March, 2017 - Shanghai Guosheng Group and Shanghai University held a strategic cooperation and exchange meeting at New Lehu building, Shanghai University Baoshan Campus. Kong Qingwei (Chairman, Guosheng Group), Li An (Vice President, Guosheng Group), Jiang Yehua (Led Executive Director), Chen Jian (General Manager, Equity Capital Operations Department), Qian Hanjie (Deputy Director, Guosheng Group) and Qiu Ping (President, Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd), Huang Jianchun (Vice President, Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd) along with other group leaders attended the exchange meeting. Jindong Han (President, Shanghai University) , Wang Min (Vice President, Shanghai University), representatives of Technology Park, relevant companies, science and technology department, technology transfer center attended the event.

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