Shanghai Normal University News And Events

  • 2nd Mixed Double Table Tennis Game Held in SHNU

    SHNU:The 2nd Mixed Double Table Tennis Game was held in SHNU on April 19th. Sponsored by SHNU Labor Union and SHNU College of Physical Education, the game attracted about 20 players, including both teachers’ and students’ groups. The SHNU Vice President Gao Jianhua, competed in the game and conferred trophies to the champion and runner-up teams.

    The game aims at strengthening ties between players and promote their physical qualities as well.

    • Junior High School Presidents of Yunnan Trained in SHNU

    SHNU:As part of the Trust Plan on Education Assistance in Yunnan Province, the Opening Ceremony of Training Junior High School Presidents was held at No. 2 Hall of SHNU Conference Center on Xuhui campus. It was attended by representatives from Shanghai International Trust Co., ltd, SHNU Teacher Training Center, and 50 junior high school presidents from Yunnan Province.

    Founded in 2014, the program was sponsored by Shanghai International Trust Co., ltd. It aims at promoting public welfare of education development of Yunnan Province.

    • Bright Food Group Visits SHNU for Cooperation

    SHNU:Hongqiang Liu, Vice Party Secretary and General Manager of Shanghai Wuxi Co., ltd, affiliated to Shanghai Bright Food Group visited SHNU Fengxian Campus for cooperation. It was attended by Zhengrong Zhang, SHNU Vice President and other representatives from SHNU, including SHNU College of Information and Mechanical Engineering and SHNU College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

    Both sides explored possibilities on food supply and delivery, students internship practice and volunteers service, etc.

    As the all-funded branch company of Bright Food Group, the Shanghai Wusi Co., ltd includes Shanghai Bright Sengyuan Biotech Co., ltd, Fengxian Haiwan Forest Park, Shanghai Xinghui Vegetable Co., ltd, and Shanghai Automobile Driver Training Center.

    • SHNU Establishes Cooperative Education Base with Children's Hospital

    SHNU: On April 10th, the Opening Ceremony of Cooperative Education Base and Internship Base of Postgraduates (sponsored by Psychology Department of SHNU College of Education and Children's Hospital Attached to Fudan University) was held at Multifunctional Conference Hall of Children's Hospital. It was attended by Vice Dean of SHNU College of Education and teachers' representatives from psychology majors of SHNU.


    At the ceremony, promotion clips were played to introduce the history and features of the hospital. Both sides discussed about the possibilities of founding internship, training and scientific and research bases. Specific issues concerning challenges in the process were also probed.

    After that, the cooperative agreement for the program was signed. According to it, the Children’s hospital would offer education and internship base for SHNU students. In the meantime, SHNU would support the hospital in terms of theoretical and technological instructions.

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