Shanghai Normal University Accommodation






Located in Shanghai, the north of China, the Shanghai Normal University is generally consisted of two campuses: Xuhui campus and fengxian campus. All the international students can live on campus, and accommodation is just about 40~60 RMB per person a day.

  • Book in advance by application form.

  • Rent outside campus is allowed.

  • Offer 24 hours check-in service.

  • Moving in before semester begins is not allowed.

  • Hotel in campus: Yes. Our foreign guest building could be open for overseas     students.

  • Pay by semester in campus dorm.

  • Move in first and then register.

  • Tuition fee, accommodation fee and other expenses can be paid by cash or by International Remittance.

 Xuhui campus of Shanghai normal university is located in Shanghai Central district near xujiahui, the transportation is convenient, beautiful campus, advanced teaching facilities, is an ideal place for students to read at home and abroad study.

Please confirm your room reservation before July 31st, 2015. With your passport and Acceptance Letter, you may go directly to the dormitory (hotel) to check in from September 10th, 2015. 

The dormitory (hotel) has already got your room reservation information from ICCS before you check in. Your room reservation is valid until September 15th, 2015. You have to prepay the room fee (RMB cash and Union Pay cards are accepted) for the whole semester (about 120 days) as well as the key deposit RMB 500(only in cash) when you check in.


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