Xi'an Shiyou University News and Events

Our university was voted as most popular science and engineering universities

Recently, China International School Service(CISS) released a ranking voted by overseas students applied China university successfully and XSYU was on the list.

Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU) was founded in 1951, the first institute specialized in petroleum and petrochemical engineering, a unique university in northwest china characterized by petroleum and petro-chemistry.

College of International Education (CIE)is a secondary institution of Xi'an Shiyou University, the function of which is to provide educational service to international students. It mainly offers formal educational services for undergraduates, postgraduates, as well as midterm and long term Chinese language education; in the meantime, it also carries out short-term language training and Chinese culture Studies. College of International Education features Petro-Engineering Classes (both Chinese and English), Oil Reserve, Exploration Technology and Engineering class and so on, which cross over 56 undergraduate programs, 56 post-graduate programs,as well as non-degree elementary, intermediate and advanced Chinese Culture education.

Our participating in Anton oil summer camp in 2014

August 25 to 29, a line of nine between teachers and students in our school went to Beijing for the Anton oil five days of the fifth summer camp activities. Student’s essence, deputy director of the JiZhongFeng led to participate in the opening ceremony. This activity to "crossing growth, my Lord, to the future" as the theme, from our university and China University of petroleum, xi 'an international studies university, etc. 10 56 students in colleges and universities. Carried out during the "team to break the ice", "Anton move" directional cross-country diathesis developing; Listened to Anton cultural interpretation and company development strategy is introduced and a series of rich and colorful activities camp. Our students showed activity in the summer camp activities, college students in the competitive cooperation with brother forged a deep friendship, embodies the spirit of good. BiYing ceremony on August 28, theatrical performances, the students in our school's performance.

The Iranian Delegation Come to School for an Visit, The Secretary Wang Jianli, the Principal Qu Zhan and the Vice-Principal Zeng Ping Attended the Forum

In the morning of 20th September, Askari Beshkani,the chairman of Iran North Drilling Company,and Hedayaolla Khademi,who is CEO 

of which,were guided to our university for visit and communication by the vice-manager Fan Shihong of the Petroleum Technology 

Development Corporation and the general manager Yan Guangping of the Middle East in technology companies. The party secretary

 Wang Jianli, principal Qu Zhan, and vice principal Zeng Ping attended the bilateral 

forum for cooperation and exchange . The Forum was hold in the first conference room of the western building, the secretary

 Wang Jianli presided over the meeting.

At the forum, on behalf of the school,the secretary Wang Jianli  warmly welcomed to the delegation for visits and exchanges of 

Iran North Drilling Company and Petroleum Technology Development Company,He expressed the hope that this visit will enhance 

mutual understanding. international cooperation and exchanges in personnel training in the oil industry, scientific  and other 

aspects which would be conducted actively.

After a speech,the principal Qu Zhan introduce to the visiting delegation on the development of the school in recent years, particularly 

in foreign students of the petroleum engineering specialty to carry out personnel training in school, hoping a broad platform for

 Chinese oil international cooperation promote school cooperation and exchanges with the Iranian oil industry constantly.School 

will take advantage of foreign students in petroleum engineering specialty personnel training, for talents,technology and other 

services when China carry outgoing out strategy in oil industry.

On behalf of the visiting delegation,the chairman Beshkani gave a speech, he made the score congratulated for achievements in 

personnel training that school have made.And he hope open up space for bilateral cooperation like international petroleum 

engineering personnel training through in-depth exchanges constantly.

Before the forum, the delegation visited our school history museum, Iron Man Memorial and the key laboratory. The directors of 

Party and government offices, science and technology department,the international exchange and cooperation department and 

other departments all participate in these discussions and accompanied visits.

Part students of my school from Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan and other countries participate in the forum and exchanged 

views with the delegation.

Guo Xiaopeng vice President led to visit Shanghai, jiangsu petroleum and petrochemical enterprises

On July 23 to 31, Guo Xiaopeng vice principal of  Xi'an Petroleum University together with six people in eastern China has successively visited petrochina Shanghai sales branch company, China petroleum west-east gas pipeline company, sinopec jiangsu oilfield company, sinopec east China petroleum administration bureau, sinopec yangzi petrochemical co., LTD., sinopec jinling petrochemical company, sinopec pipeline transportation company unit, met respectively with each unit the leadership, the relevant functional departments and alumni representatives of the person in charge.

Guo Xiaopeng vice President for various petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, thank you for a long time to give our strong support to the business leaders introduced the basic situation of our school, school-running ideas, development goals, focus on school construction development achievements in recent years. Each enterprise leaders of our school has cultivated a large number of talents for the enterprise for a long time to thank, hope to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, especially in such aspects as promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements and scientific research with strengthen contact, combined with the enterprise actual need

CNPC starts up the first international student  recruitment

8th, June, the journalist learn from HR of CNPC that more foreign faces will be brought in the petroleum staffs of CNPC. In order to build world-class international comprehensive energy corporation, the Group negotiated with China University Of Petroleum (Beijing), China University Of 

Petroleum (East China) and Xian Shiyou University to start up international student recruitment.


The above three university have as many as a thousand international students, most of whom are proficient in Chinese language, and know 

Chinese culture even have acknowledge of Chinese petroleum corporation culture. Many of these students from the the country where

 the Group’s overseas projects are set up are majored in petroleum and petro-chemistry.


According to the statistic, among the international student from the three universities, Kazakhstan students and Turkmenistan students 

make up the most part, there also, are many students from African countries like Sudan, Niger and Chad.  From the point of specialties, 

most of the students are majored in petroleum engineering, oil and gas transportation, geological engineering, international economics 

and trade and Chinese language.


Having learnt general information of the international student, CNPC Group published notice to the subordinate unites in advance to 

find out all subordinate units’ idea about recruitment, and organized Amu Darya Gas Company, Central Asia Gas Company Daqing 

Oil Field Limited-Liability  Company and so on 12 enterprises to carry out job fair in the three above mentioned universities.

The recruitment were warmly welcomed and supported by the universities and students, it appealed to over 600 international 

students. “on the recruitment, the students are concentrated, listening to all units’ introduction. In the afternoon, the international 

students were in formal dress, standing in the long line and communicating with all employers. This means international impact 

of CNPC continues growing.”, Said the Zhu Yiqing from Employment Guidance Office of China University of Petroleum (Beijing). 


According to the employers, they have preference to international students from the country where the Group set up foreign business, 

so students from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan were mostly welcomed. The recruitment was the first one carries out for international 

student by the CNPC, it play an important role in improving the Group’s internationalization, localization in the countries where the 

projects were set up, convenience of staffs dispatch and internationalized staff management.


Till 8th, June, there had been more than 30 international students who reached primary agreement. Besides, all units also included 

approximately 100 pieces of resumes of under graduated students who meet the demand of CNPC’s development for the future 

placement and training. 

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