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President Ren Tingqi Met with Guests from the UK and Australia

On October 26, President Ren Tingqi met with guests from universities of UK and Australia. Senior leaders of departments and colleges concerned also attended the welcome meeting.

President Ren extended his warm welcome to the guests for attending the Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum, and briefly introduced to the history and development of SDUST.As sister universities of SDUST, Alster University of the UK and Swinburne University of Technology of Australia are highly likely to establish partnerships with SDUST in the near future.

Paddy Nixon, Vice-Chancellor of Alster University, and Mellisa Banks, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology,appreciated for the hospitality of the host, congratulated SDUST on its 65th anniversary, and each introduced to the development of his/her university.They both looked forward to seeking cooperation with SDUST.

After the meeting, the guests also visited key labs of the University. They spoke highly of the first-class research technology and equipment of SDUST and hope to carry out joint education programs in the future.

Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum

The clear, golden autumn ushers in the 65th anniversary of Shandong University of Science and Technology. On this occasion, the Chinese-Foreign Presidents Forum was heldon Qingdao campusto exchange ideas, to seek sound strategies, to focus on student cultivation and to explore education reform.

The Forum was attended by senior officials and leaders from universities and educationalinstitutes both at home and abroad, which include Alster University of the UK, SwinburneUniversity of Technology of Australia, University of Tasmania of Australia, Pyeongtaek University of South Korea, and Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

President Ren Tingqi delivered a keynote speech at the forum. In his speech, he called for a deepening comprehensive reform in higher education, coping with new challenges to enhance quality teaching, and maintaining sustainable development.

Representatives of sister universities also made their keynote speeches at the forum andwon wide applause from the audience.

As the final part of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of SDUST, the Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum provides a perfect platform for SDUST and its sisteruniversities to intensify their partnership and offers opportunity for further cooperation between them.

After the forum, the guests paid a visit to the Exhibition Hall of SDUST’s History and Development.

keynote speech by President Ren

Ma Lianxiang, Presiden of Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Peter Frappell, representative of University of Tasmania

Mellisa Banks, Pro Vice-chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology

 audience at the forum

visit the Exhibition Hall of SDUST' History and Development

Summer Language and Culture Program in Clark University Comes to an End

On  August 18, 16  undergraduates, led by two faculty members of SDUST, came back home from a 6-week (120 course hours) summer language and culture program held in the Clark University, USA.

The program provides SDUST students with a lot of visit opportunies for them to have a better understanding of American culture, society and economy.

As sister universities, SDUST and Clark have developed two joint education bachelor's degree programs so far, and the summer language and culture program further intensifies their ties of friendship.

AEMG Delegation Visits SDUST

On July 9, Mr. Li Qingxin, CEO of Australia Education Management Group (AEMG), led a delegation of 5 to visit SDUST. Prof. Ren Tingqi, President of SDUST, and Prof. Yao Qingguo, Vice President of SDUST, met with the delegation and had an in-depth discussion about the area and methods of future cooperation. Senior officials from the International Office and Jinan campus also attended the meeting.

AEMG, headquarted in Melburn, is an international institution focusing on educaiton management and services. So far, AEMG has established partnership with numerous Chinese Universities involved in the "Project 211" and "Project 985" programs.

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