Shaanxi Normal University News And Events

  •             Undergrad Zou Yuqing admitted to US doctoral programs with full scholarship


Zou Yuqing, a class 2017 undergraduatestudent majoring in Education in Shaanxi Normal University's School ofEducation has been admitted to the doctoral programs of three U.S. universitieswith full scholarship.

She is admitted to the doctoral programsof Educational Psychometrics or Applied Experimental Psychology at the Universityof Iowa, Utah State University and George Mason University, whose majors rank atthe top in the US.

Zou won several academic achievement-basedscholarships, scored 322+3.0 on GRE and 97 on TOEFL and won the first gradecommendation in SNNU's High-level Foreign Language Examination Award Scheme.

She participated in the student exchangeprograms at Washington University and Taiwan Normal University, published twobooks:Scholars Who Studied Abroad theRepublic of China Period (by Chinese Literature and History PublishingHouse) and So It Is: A Different Taiwanin the Eyes of a Student from Mainland (by Taiwan Showwe Publishing House).

She has decided to go to the Universityof Iowa and will begin her study there from this August.

  •                            SNNU wins 13 2017 Shaanxi Sci-tech awards


Shaanxi Normal University's 13 projects have won 2017 Shaanxi Higher Institution Science and Technology Awards, as the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education announced recently.

The 13 research projects hosted by the university have won eight first grade awards and five second grade awards, among the 163 awards (69 first grade, 65 second grade and 29 third grade awards) in the whole province.

Another nine projects in which the university participated also won two first grade awards, five second grade awards and two third grade awards.

  •                 First Huo Songlin Chinese Classics Studies Scholarship awarded


On March 30, the first "Huo Songlin Chinese Classics Studies Scholarship" were awarded to ten Shaanxi Normal University students at a ceremony held at the Wenhui Building on the university's Chang'an campus.

SNNU vice president Gao Ziwei, Educational Foundation secretary-general Liu Jianbin, Graduate School vice dean Song Chuandong, Prof. Gao Yinong, representative of Prof. Huo's family, School of Chinese Language and Literature vice dean Zhao Xueqing, School of Fine Arts vice dean Wei Bin, School of History and Civilization vice dean Li Bingzhong, Institute of Northwest Historical Environment and Economic and Social Development vice dean Wang Shejiao and the awarded students attended the ceremony.

Liu Jianbin first briefed about the background and review of the scholarship, saying it was created in 2014 with the RMB 450,000 yuan donated by Prof. Huo to promote fine traditional Chinese culture and commend students of Chinese Classic Studies, i.e. full-time graduate students majoring in Classic Chinese Literature and six other majors. He then announced the names of ten students as the recipients of the 2016 First Huo Songlin Chinese Classics Studies Scholarships: Liu Yanqing and three other doctoral students and Li Shenxi and five other master's students.

VP Gao and other officials awarded the certificates of honor to the students, who presented a piece of calligraphic work to Prof. Gao as a token of their gratitude.

Liu Yanqing, a class 2018 doctoral student of SCLL, spoke on behalf of the recipients. He thanked Prof. Huo's advocate for Chinese Classic Studies and vowed to keep pursuing the research with the encouragement and inspiration from the scholar.

Prof. Gao said that Prof. Huo, himself a much respected and renowned scholar originating from a small village in Gansu province, had always hoped young students could carry on and disseminate the spirit of Chinese Classic Studies, and help to remold the Chinese character as a Chinese versed in Chinese Classic Studies.

VP Gao said that the awarding of the Huo Songlin Scholarship was a landmark event in the university's history. He hoped the awarded students could understand the purpose and meaning of the scholarship, take up the tasks and expectations placed on them, study Chinese Classics and carry forward the spirit of Chinese nation, and inherit and disseminate traditional Chinese culture to the world.

  •              SNNUers win gold and silver medals in 2017 Hong Kong Wushu Festival


Shaanxi Normal University Wushu players won six gold medals and three silver medals at the 2017 Fifteenth Hong Kong Wushu International Festival held from March 15 to 17 in Hong Kong.

The players, Zheng Chuanfeng, Ma Ting, Fang Yanan, Ma Jing, Xu Yanxia and Kong Xiangyan, participated in the Wushu Routine Contest, one of the seven categories of competitions such as Taekwondo, Qigong, Taiji Ball, Wushu Dance, Grading Exam, Free Combat, etc.

They were led by School of Physical Education CPC Committee secretary Shi Haiyan and coached by Zhou Yong and Zheng Chuanfeng, who was also a player.

The festival was first held in 2003 in Hong Kong and this fifteenth event drew participants from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

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