Hubei University News and Events

The school went to Yingshan County to carry out education and poverty alleviation

May 11.2017, Vice President Wang Shimin, my school "Chutian scholar" Distinguished Professor Ye Zhengtao, school cooperation development, organization and other units responsible person to the town of stone town of Yinshan County to carry out education and poverty alleviation work, to the town center Poor students awarded the "charity scholarship".

After three hours of driving, Wang Shimin and Ye Zhengtao came to Shizu Tsui Town Center Primary School, which was warmly welcomed by the school principals Shen Hanan, teachers' representatives and students. Donation ceremony, Wang Shimin, Ye Zhengtao to 12 students received a scholarship of 1,000 yuan, and encouraged them to establish a lofty ideal ambition, hard study, study hard, effort to become useful.

Hongshan Land Planning Branch to the school to carry out "face to face to listen to" big visit activities

May 9, Hongshan District Land Planning Branch Director Liu Yide, Deng Guofu and his entourage into the Hubei University, to carry out "face to face to listen to" big visit activities. My school vice president Jiang Tao, state-owned assets management office to participate in activities.

During the visit, Liu Yide and Deng Guofu visited the loyal apartment of Hubei University, and listened to the expectation of the apartment tenants. Then, at the scene of the symposium, the state-owned assets management office and the loyalty apartment apartment were introduced to the case of the property certificate of the lake apartment. Liu Yide, Deng Guofu said Hongshan District Land Planning Branch to carry out "face to face to listen to hope" large visit activities, is to serve the grassroots, to help the public do practical things. In Wuhan City, property rights certificate for policy adjustment, convergence process, Lake Loyal teachers and teachers encounter many problems with common, have a good research to promote the value. They said that the problem of loyalty teachers apartment housing is expected to be resolved in the near future.

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